May 19

How to Quickly Add Coaching Revenue to your Bank Account as Little as 4 Days – In Just 7 Minutes With Rob Goyette

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to build and nurture your audience
  • How Math and Mindset is crucial to your financial goal
  • Why laser coaching is a fantastic coaching model


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Rob got a report that list 4 ways to bring in coaching revenue into your business. Get your free report copy from the website:


Today’s guest, Rob Goyette, has always looked for a Better Way.

While most people tend to adapt to this industry and then polish things up to the next level with the standard way of doing things, Rob constantly looks for better and better ways to get things done easier, faster and more profitably.

Rob has been supporting leaders in the coaching industry since 2007 and is the creator of the innovative Fast Revenue Laser Coaching model. He lives in Puerto Rico with his wife and 8-year old son.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:35 Rob’s ideal Client: Coaches and Business Owners

1:45 Problem Rob helps solve: I help them get clients and customers. The big problem, challenge or opportunity is that, a lot of them don't know how to build an audience or nurture that audience. What sell are two factors; it's trust and an irresistible offer. If anything is not working in your marketing, it's one of those two factors. People are either going to trust you or they don't trust as you as a person because you're the experts who can get them the results they want. Or your offer is not irresistible enough, they either don't understand it or it's a not a no brainer for the value you give compare to the relatively small amount of money you charge. You can troubleshoot any marketing with trust and irresistible offer.

3:09 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Rob: They symptoms is usually not enough clients or not enough money coming into their business. As far as emotions, some of its confidence and mindset is like do they deserve it, can they really do it, etc. I like to say that they can hit any financial goal with two factors; Math and mindset. Math is knowing how are you going to hit your goal, and the mindset is do you really deserve it and is your stuffs really worth it. If you don't think so, your audience is going to feel that. If you know absolutely your stuffs is worth it, they're going to feel that too.

4:30 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Rob and his solution: Thinking that building a website is going to bring them business. I've gone to business for years with over six figures without a website. Sure, it's where people should go if they don't know you're trustworthy and want to check you out. But what we really want to do is to drive people to go to your landing pages that have one main goal for them to do; opt-in to your email list, watch your webinar, buy a program. And so, a lot of people just fulfill their dreams, build it and it will come, they think that building a website is going to bring them business but it doesn't.

5:51 Rob’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The big picture is you want to build and nurture an audience and then make irresistible offers to that audience. And I believe that the number one way to grow your list, and then nurture them and make an offer is by offering a giveaway. What you can do with the giveaways, is that you can identify your top 10-40 JVP (Joint Venture Partners) and invite them to give a gift or giveaway to your event and tell your list about it. If you can get 10 people with a nice-size list each, they're send their people to your front door which builds your list. And then people come to the front door and can choose the 10 most giveaways, what they want. But the even bigger impact it has, is that you will network between 10 to 40 of your ideal JV partners, meaning you started a relationship. And if you have a good relationship and now you have a list of the giveaways, you can start promoting each other. That to me seems to a very fast way to build a bigger audience and you need to nurture them. Once they're nurtured, you can make irresistible offers too.

7:33 Rob’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): I got a free report that's over at the website: I got a report that list 4 ways to bring in coaching revenue into your business. One of them is the title of this presentation about how to add coaching revenue quickly and get money into your bank account within 4 days. But there's actually 4 different models c, and that will be a great resource for people.

8:27 How to add coaching revenue in as little as four days? Essentially the answer can be explained on a longer webinar and at if you follow it. But I found that by offering laser coaching, a year of unlimited 15-minute laser focus coaching for clients to a full year, is irresistible to them when it's package-up properly. I got over 50, one-on-one clients to hire me the first year I roll this out. And since then, I know it's over a 100. What happens is that they pay a year in advance, and I did this without strategy sessions. It's one of those innovative ideas that not a lot of people are doing who don't know this model. I think laser coaching is a fantastic coaching model that you can offer to people and get paid very quickly. It brings in money to your bank account fast.

"You can troubleshoot any marketing with trust and irresistible offer" – Rob Goyette       

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