June 4

How To Put Humanity Back Into Your Sales…And Make A Killing Doing It – In Just 7 Minutes With Aleasha Bahr

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Remove the gap between sales and marketing
  • Connecting the dots to match what you’re selling to someone’s end goal
  • How mental strength is a powerful characteristic to have


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Check the video on six ways to immediately close business and get some daily sales tips. You can check it out at: www.aleashabhar.com.


Aleasha Bahr is a sales and marketing expert worldwide known as The Client Whisperer. She sold millions in revenue in the corporate world, but then got tired of the BS and transitioned to running her own business coaching solopreneurs and sales professionals to predictably have a 50% closing rate and 10x their sales.

Aleasha firmly believes you don’t have to be a “bad person to be good at sales” and has the results to prove it.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:37 Aleasha’s ideal Client: I focus a lot on characteristics they have as people, so anybody that cares about the people they are serving and wants to do a quality job. In my bio when it said that I was tired of the BS, it's because there's a lot of people that are incompetent in positions of authority in the corporate world. And a lot of people that don't really care about doing a good job. I really like working with people that do and are ready to just get it done. And solopreneurs are those people and sales teams, so I help both.

2:19 Problem Aleasha helps solve: Most people are trying too hard to sell. I help with sales and marketing and a lot of times, those two don't talk to each other. Sales is the frontline of your marketing, they hear the objections that the people are really having, the response to the products, and the things that they want. And a lot of times, the two are at odds with each other. Because marketing will pre-frame the client for a sales call. Also, what they understand about the product and service comes from the marketing. So, I definitely help with that piece of it and that is a big one, there's a lot of gaps there usually. It's a unique thing to do as a sales coach. But I also help sales team perform better.

3:32 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Aleasha: They should've closed, why didn't they close. That's the thing that they often saying. The Sales Manager are saying these people should've closed, they were perfect fit. Or the sales people are saying oh my gosh, these leads are so far off from our customer. Or the solopreneurs saying it make perfect sense, why didn't they close.

4:15 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Aleasha and his solution: I would say one of the biggest mistakes is not connecting what you're selling to the person's end goal. A lot of people will talk about features of their programs and benefits. For example, I was working for a paid search company, and they will tell people this audit that they did..it sounds boring already. You want to say something like it's an audit, so we want to make sure that you getting the most leads for the less amount of money. A lot of people just don't connect those dots. I have a metaphor, if you invited your friend to a game, they've never been to a game of basketball and they don't know anything about it, and you tried to explained the rules, they will be like I don't want to go anymore. Too many people are explaining the rules of the game instead of making it sound like a good time.

5:45 Aleasha’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The biggest thing you can do is to get out of your head; and understand the person across from you is a mother, brother, father, son.. human who's having a day, it might have been a good day or bad day, they've got stuffs going on later, and you are not a gross sales person, you are also a mother, brother, father, son. It's two people coming together to see if they can solve a problem that one of them is having. And this person hopes you're going to be able to solve it. Just focus on them and their challenge, and whether or not you can help them and uncovering what it is. And stop focusing on convincing them to buy something.

6:47 Aleasha’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): It's six ways to immediately close business, it's a video. I have daily sales tips, they're just value, people love them. You can always unsubscribe if you don't want them. You go to www.aleashabhar.com.

7:26 What is the most thing you need to succeed? I have learned it is mental strength. There are plenty of smart, talented, rich people who are not successful. And it's because mindset will take you down in a second. It takes you down like the bottle of tequila, like you can do any of the stuffs you set out to do, nothing's working out and you've given up. Then you'll never succeed. So mental strength is the thing I would say you should work on the most for success.

"Mental strength is the thing I would say you should work on the most for success" – Aleasha Bahr        

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