September 30

How to publish a #1 bestselling book… without writing a word – in Just 7 Minutes with Doug Crowe

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why you have to have a really powerful positioning statement about why your book is about.
  • Why 81% of people think about it, or been told to write a book less than 1% actually pull it off.
  • How you can simply talk to a ghostwriter who is able to capture your unique essence and style and repurpose it in a best selling book.


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Over 2,000,000 Entrepreneurs will Publish a Book in 2023
Over 98% of them will Fail... HARD
Weird Fact: 100% of people believe they are in the 2%.
Not only is this statistically impossible, but without guidance, your book, your message, and you potential influence will leave you...
Insignificant & anonymous.

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Doug Crowe is an author, speaker, and business growth strategist. He's passionate about helping executives and founders create a personal brand through a book… without them writing a word.

His flagship company, Author Your Brand, ghostwrites and publishes books. His client list includes C-suite executives from Starbucks, NASA, Nascar, Pepsi, Touchstone Pictures, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Louis Vuitton, Vistage, and

He’s been published and featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Reuters News, Bloomberg, Daily Cafe, ABC News Chicago, ABC radio Chicago, Daily Herald Chicago, Chicago Business Ledger, Seattle Times, Playboy Radio, and KTLA Los Angeles.

Learn more at:

“Fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure" – Aaron Walker 

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