June 14

How to Pre-Condition Prospects to Hire You Before They Meet with You – in Just 7 Minutes with Michael DeLon

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Avoiding to look like your competitors
  • Making prospects have a different mindset about you
  • The importance of telling your story


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We all have a credit score and we work to improve it. But do you know what your credibility score is? Michael's team created a credibility calculator, just go to www.TheCredibilityCalculator.com and under 5 minutes in 20 questions, they're going to deliver your credibility score; how does your prospect see you in your credibility level. After that, you will get access to 5 video lessons to help you improve your credibility to gain prospects and grow your business.


Michael DeLon creates credibility. As the president of Paperback Expert, he helps business owners publish a book that positions them as the expert in their field. Business owners seek out Michael to clarify their brand strategy, make them bestselling authors, and set up their profitable podcast. They use his Credibility Marketing strategies to gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow their revenue.

Michael is the #1 Amazon bestselling author of On Marketing. Since 2013, he has worked with business owners across the United States and internationally to establish and market their credibility. Michael is the husband of one and father of four. He’s a committed follower of Jesus Christ who is deeply involved in his church. You can normally find Michael investing time with his family, reading a great book, or facilitating growth in the lives of those around him.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Michael's ideal clients are those professional service providers; financial advisor, attorney, coach, or even realtor. And oftentimes, they didn't realize that they look like their competition, meaning similar methods or offerings. And because of that, the prospect customers don’t see any compelling reason to choose them over the competitor. They felt that they were losing sales that they should be winning. They have the initial conversation with the prospects but they don't know why they are not closing the sales. Therefore, they felt stressed out, discouraged, and frustrated. He says it's important that prospects have a positive mindset about you, and for them to know your story. Because when you tell your story, it resonates with people and then they bond with you. He states that when you know how people think about you, everything becomes easier. Your message will become clear, your story will resonate with people, they will bond with you emotionally, and that will cause them to move towards you. 

Michael’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Remember that people buy "who you are" more than what you do. Try to discover your story, not create them. Discover your story that's unique about you and tell that.

The battle in marketing is not out in the marketplace, it's the thought in the mind of your prospect" – Michael DeLon

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