March 29

How to Network with Anyone Anywhere – in Just 7 Minutes with Basile Lemba

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Give your attention first and personal interest last
  • Knowing the 3 business development sections
  • The importance of doing a follow-up


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Basile is giving a complimentary business development analysis and followed with evaluation. He wants to help you know the baseline of where you are and then from there you can move further to achieve your goals. You can find this at the homepage in


According to the IRS, only 6% of the businesses make it to an annual 6-figure. Delivering a service is something businesses can easily do. Getting business in IS indeed their biggest challenge. Realizing that, Basile Lemba has dedicated his life to helping resolve this situation. He has put together a Proprietary “Steps to Profitable Networking” Method. He is helping businesses now with it through writing, speaking Opportunities, webinars, and other online classes.

Basile founded the BL Networking Breakfast Club 17 years ago and it is still running. Recently, he put together the Networking Institute so as to help business owners worldwide.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Basile enjoys helping people who want to use networking as a tool to build their business, because some of them feel unprepared or uncomfortable at a networking event; they don't know how to approach someone. He advises that number 1-be interested and number 2-always put our personal interest last. The beginning of a relationship works that way and from there the person is ready to walk with you. Basile says if it's not done well in the beginning, it will be difficult for anything to happen further. 

Basile’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Basile's tips for networking is that when you need somebody, give them your attention. Never be wrapped up about your product or services. He states that networking is based on the 'labor of speech', give them your attention and then they will be willing to listen to you in return. Studies have shown there are challenges in doing follow-ups in networking, and Basile's team knows exactly how to help you on this.

Business development has 3 sections: networking, promotional marketing, and then sales. So, networking is the entrance point" – Basile Lemba 

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