October 10

How to make your startup Tax Bulletproof in acquisition deals – Crystal Stranger

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

Crystal Stranger is a guest on the Business Builder Show hosted by Bill Prater. Crystal is the CEO of Cleer Tax, a global corporate tax and bookkeeping firm. She is also the author of the Small Business Tax Guide and an enrolled agent with the IRS. In the podcast, Crystal discusses how to make startups tax bulletproof in acquisition deals. She emphasizes the importance of improving tax positions and bulletproofing companies for successful acquisitions or selling. Crystal and her team at Cleer Tax help entrepreneurs develop strong businesses by focusing on the business side while providing tax expertise. Cleer Tax serves clients worldwide, specializing in difficult corporate tax forms, including form 5472 for foreign founders of U.S. companies. Crystal shares that they primarily receive referrals from corporate formation partners and work with a variety of clients, including tech companies.

Company site:

To get in touch with Crystal and access her gift, visit her website: https://www.cleer.tax/BBSpodcast

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