October 26

How to Make Sure Your Email Marketing is a Business Asset That Works – in Just 7 Minutes with Sue Painter

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Email subscription as a business asset
  • How beneficial of email marketing
  • Why you need to invest in an email system


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A veteran owner of both a brick-and-mortar business and a successful online consulting business, Sue Painter founded The Confident Marketer in 2006. She has provided business strategies for online and small business owners across the United States and in many other countries since that time. Sue is a certified Book Yourself Solid business coach, a certified email marketing specialist, and a quick study at seeing where solo and small business owners are stuck. She is a world traveler, having left home at 16 as an exchange student and now has been to every continent and more than 80 countries. Sue and her husband, Bill, currently live in the Sarasota, Florida area.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Since Sue has been in the business for 20 years, she told us that her ideal clients had evolved along the way. Now, it's either a solopreneur or a small local business who need help in organizing their marketing, specifically their email marketing process and campaigns. Because of time factors or the lack of knowledge on the business owner's part, they are really not developing the business asset of the email subscriber list in their existing customers and their prospects. 

Sue solves the problem to them on how to approach, set-up, sustain, and get measurable results through their marketing including email. Sometimes, these people realize that they don't have a way to contact their prospects or to reach out even to existing customers. They don't have a way to educate people about their business on a regular basis, or they don't know how to make quick offers in response to business changes. They usually tell themselves "I know I need to do it but I don't have time because I have more pressing business" or they don't know who to reach out to when organizing their email subscription or structure it properly so it works 24/7 for them.

Sometimes they don't even know how to pick the correct autoresponder software. And if they do have one, they either didn't update it or used it properly. Another factor as well is that they think people won't open their emails, but they will if they are compelling, interesting, and used in the right way. Sue shared with us that her clients usually wonder if maintaining a marketing system is expensive or if it's hard to get a return on investment compared to paid advertisement. She says that once you invest in an email system and get the one which is not too robust for you, then you will find that you will use that asset over and over again. It will actually be cheap compared to ads being in most of the markets you can spend money in.

Sue’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Just commit and make a decision that you're going to build your email subscriber list and that you're going to see them as an asset. If you're going to sell your business to the size of your subscriber list then it would be one factor that will enter into the sale as well as how active and responsive that email list is. Pay attention and be consistent, just like in any business asset that you have.

Email marketing is the way to do it rather than depending on social which can and does disappears sometimes" – Sue Painter

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