June 11

How to make SUCCESS easy: The Law of Compound Interest – in Just 7 Minutes with Danny Creed

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Knowing the survivor mindset & the possibility mindset
  • Result of decision making based on fear
  • Applying the law of compound interest


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Danny Creed is celebrating his 14th year as a professional and certified business and executive coach. He is a noted sales and leadership trainer, best-selling author, international keynote, and workshop speaker who has earned a reputation as a highly successful business turnaround expert.

Danny's personal coach and mentor is the legendary Brian Tracy. He is a certified Business Coach, Executive Coach and Sales trainer. Coach Dan has logged to date over 15,000 business coaching, consulting, and training hours. As an entrepreneur, he has worked with 15 successful start-up businesses and over 400 business turnaround challenges. Coach Dan is the SIX-time recipient of the FocalPoint International Brian Tracy Award of Sales Excellence and the 2019 FocalPoint Coaching Practice of the year.

Danny Creed is a published author with six books to his credit. Dan is also involved in community and volunteer work. Foremost is his commitment to the Brothers in Blue Re-Entry Program Prison Ministry.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Danny enjoys working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and also high-end executives working in a corporation. He tries to help these people to achieve their goals faster than they can ever do by themselves; to get them to the next level that they wanted to be in. Danny says the real problem is the confusion of priorities, lack of business clarity, and having a poor mindset. He believes that there's two mindsets; the survivor mindset & the possibility mindset. He advises that having a good coach, mentor, or advisor can help you with the struggle. Some tend to make decisions based on fear rather than the reality of everything; the WHAT IF's rather than WHAT IS.

Danny’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Try to work to improve yourself; your mindset, 1/10 of 1% every day. It may sound very simple but that's what makes it hard. Example are reading one chapter of the book, making one more sales call, etc. And do it every day. If you break the numbers down, that's 35% of improvement in your first year. And if you compound that in over 5 years, that's over a 1000% growth. Danny says that you should learn how to sell and how to listen, then work on that prodigy mindset. Always look for possibilities no matter how bad it is

“Some based their decision on WHAT IF's rather than WHAT IS" – Danny Creed 

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