June 28

How to Make Money with Your Non-Fiction Book – in Just 7 Minutes with Susan Friedmann

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to build/strengthen business around a book
  • From being an unknown author to become an expert authority
  • The importance of knowing first your target audience


Related Links and Resources:

I want all authors to have this gift, "The Author to Authority Playbook" and this is literally on how to get recognized as an expert in your industry. It goes to different levels on how authors can get themselves up to that expert authority place where they want to be. You can find it at www.avivapubs.com/gift


Susan Friedmann, international bestselling author of 17 books, is on a mission to wipe out sameness and add vitality and differentiation to your marketing.

Through her company, Aviva Publishing, she’s guided hundreds of non-fiction authors to use their book to become a recognized expert authority in their field. She also hosts the award-winning podcast, Book Marketing Mentors.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Her ideal client is working with a non-fiction author; someone who wants to take their book & use it to build a business around that book, or to strengthen an existing business. Making them from unknown author to expert authority in their field. This process takes planning and strategy, and it can give anyone an intense feeling along the way. You just want everyone to recognize the time, the energy, the blood sweat & tears that you've given in this book. And when you don't get that, it can be really frustrating & upsetting. The mistake to this is also not knowing who is your target audience. And the most typical response she gets is that clients would often say "my book is for everyone" but this is not something that anyone can do so well. Learn to narrow down your ideal audience. Susan admitted as well that the biggest mistake she did in her business at the very beginning was being reluctant to ask for help; she felt that she wasted a lot of years trying to do things the hard way whereas it could have been easier.

Susan’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): I really believe that it's really identifying that target audience. If they feel that their book is for women, then break it down if they have a profession or not, what sort of industry, education, and so on. The more you can narrow down who exactly your target audience is, the better and easier it's going to be on focusing on your marketing. It will be much more efficient and more effective if you can do it.

The biggest mistake is not knowing who your exact target audience is" – Susan Friedmann

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