March 2

How to Make LinkedIn Work for You? Become the Master Networker with LeadDelta – Vedran Rasic

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What you need to know about our guest:

Vedran Rasic is a serial entrepreneur and founder of some of the most loved B2B apps, such as Autoklose and LeadDelta. He is experienced in delivering successful product Go-To-Market strategies, achieving targets & building high-performance teams. Besides his undivided focus on LeadDelta as a CEO, Ved angel invests and supports early-stage startups in his free time.

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The Question Vedran Enjoys Explaining:

"Who do I know in my network and how can I get to them in the most effective way?"


So basically, collaboration and introduction are the future. And I think LeadDelta is positioning in that direction. So, we are starting very narrow from a very small part or a specific data set, including LinkedIn, but then we want to expand to other channels, which sounds like you are actually co-designing.

So basically, collaboration and introduction are the future. And we believe there are lots of signals signaling that this is the right way forward." – Vedran Rasic 

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