October 3

How to make Inc 5000 list 5 times as a 1 employee company – Philip Smith

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Show Notes:

In this episode, we learn how to make the Inc. 5,000 list five times as a one-employee company from serial entrepreneur, investor, and author, Phillip Smith. He has partnered with Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on Shark Tank, and has been part of five acquisitions since 1998. Phillip is an expert in B2B lead generation and is one of the most sought-after consultants, working with over 10,000 clients and counting. His most recent business, All in One Marketing, was created to help companies scale their digital marketing without making costly mistakes.

Phillip offers three main services: fractional chief marketing officer, all-in-one marketing software platform, and PR services. His goal is to help companies not make costly marketing mistakes, as he has heard countless times from companies that hired the wrong person or tried something that didn't work.

In this episode, Phillip walks us through a customer journey and explains how his company helps people get into business or helps those already in business to launch, scale, or exit. He emphasizes the importance of having all parts of the funnel work together and how many companies do not understand this concept.

Company site:

To get in touch with Philip, visit his website: http://www.philipfsmith.com/

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