July 23

How to make decisions out of love and not fear – in Just 7 Minutes with David Henzel

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Providing an efficient group coaching
  • The advantage of using 'upcoach'
  • Importance of selling out of love


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David Henzel has been building businesses in the saas and ecom space for over 20 years. He had multiple successful exits, including a well-known content delivery network company MaxCDN. He's passion is helping individuals and their organizations reach their full potential.

Latest passion project that David is involved with is upcoach - coaching delivery platform, and a portfolio of businesses under How We Solve umbrella: LTVplus, (Outsourcing for e-commerce & saas), TaskDrive (Sales Development), Shortlist.io (Digital Marketing Agency).

Here are the highlights of this episode:

David says he works with several people with all sorts of background; whether they are authors, business leaders, and so forth. Some of the several problems, and one of them is how to run an efficient group coaching or how to make more impact while coaching multiple people all in one. When he started focusing on group coaching, he attained 94% completion rate in comparison to his previous DIY online course of 7% only. David says that some of them lack the confidence of selling their services. Using his upcoach can help you systematizes all your teachings. He knows that selling is difficult if it's not selling out of love. The biggest epiphany in David's life is that he used to be introverted and he hated doing sales with a passion. He attended toastmasters, public speaking courses, etc. to really overcome this exposure therapy. It worked, but the advice of his yoga teacher that decision making is either made out of fear or out of love is something that really flipped the switch in his head. When David sells out of love, he knows that what he's offering would be good for your business, he sincerely wants to improve your life. If he sells out of fear, he sells because he just needs to get his numbers, which can be difficult. 

David’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Start doing a group coaching and it can simply start by sending to your list, or even reach out to your friends. Start developing content. Doesn't need to be perfect, just get started with a beta group either for free or minimal price. Just keep rolling, don't hold back.

Make decisions out of love not fear; you'll sell better and life is good when you follow this" – David Henzel 

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