October 28

How to Make Better Decisions Faster – in Just 7 Minutes with James Kademan

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Getting that 'freedom' from your business
  • Taking a 2-minute alone time
  • Importance of self-reflection


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If you go to www.drawincustomers.com/scaleology/, there's a free copy of "The Bold Business Book" audio, a link to all the podcasts, and the 60-second business growth snippets.


James Kademan is the author of The BOLD Business Book, The Awesome Book and You Got This. He owns Calls On Call Extraordinary Answering Service as well as Draw In Customers Business Coaching. He also chats entrepreneurs up on his podcast, Authentic Business Adventures.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

James and his team usually dealt with those who are starting out in the service sector; whether that's painter, plumber, accounting, etc. or simply those who need to do something for someone. We always hear people say about their desire to get "freedom" in which we typically hear from entrepreneurs. Those who wants freedom in their own business but end up being trapped. They start to feel the frustration, getting overwhelmed, or they feel like they work so much every single day but they still believe that they didn't advance their goal in their business.

When these folks try to solve the problem, the solution may be temporary or it's not scaleable, plus it takes so much of their time. James shared with us that recently someone reached out to him and asked for help. He then realized that it's not a business question problem that she has, it's more of a mindset of not believing in herself. In order to get out of your own way to accomplish the goals that you want, you need to figure out clearly what you want. 

James’ Valuable Free Action (VFA): He advises everyone to take two minutes alone and think about what they want 3 years down the road. And if doing what they're doing in the past 2 years will get them there, then that's great. If not, you have to decide what you are willing to do to change that. Whether it's having a coach, reading a book, or taking a bold step to get what you really want.

Sometimes a little reflection can go a very long way into accomplishing goals that you want" – James Kademan 

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