September 22

How to Live a Life of Success and Significance – in Just 7 Minutes with Aaron Walker

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to eradication isolation which is stopping you from excellence
  • Know how to articulate the right type of person that you need to surround yourself
  • What’s the advantage of joining a Mastermind group


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They can go to and there's 3 resources we provided for you there. One is called 'What Do I Want?', one is called 'The Personal Assessment' and one is a 'Spouse Survey'. You can also go to the direct link for this:


Aaron Walker has founded more than a dozen companies over the past 41 years. He attributes much of his success to having surrounded himself with his mastermind counterparts. Aaron spent a decade meeting weekly with Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, and five other amazing entrepreneurs. Aaron is the founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind that now hosts 15 groups with National and International members. Aaron is the author of View From The Top, a must-read to fully understand how to live a life of success and significance.

Also, the founder of The Mastermind Playbook an incredible resource for starting, running, and scaling masterminds. Aaron lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Robin of 40 years and he has two incredible daughters and five beautiful grandchildren.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:59 Aaron’s ideal Client: My ideal clients are small business owners from 100,000 to 50 million dollars, 27 to 65 years old historically. People who want to grow and scale their business.

2:26 Problem Aaron helps solve: Isolation is the enemy to excellence, and we help to eradicate isolation. We were designed to be in a community and we need people around us to help us grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.

3:03 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Aaron: Bill, you know as well as I do for being in a business yourself that it's difficult to make great decisions alone, because you can only see things from one perspective. We need accountability in our life, we need resources, we got to have people who have innovative perspectives on new ideas. So, I just want to surround myself with what Jim Rohn said "I want to be the average of the 5 people I spend the most time with" and you know as well as I do that we need those people around us to help us make intelligent decisions. Especially in the light of the current circumstances and situations that we face today, we have never been here before. We need very confident people to help us work through those challenges.

4:07 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Aaron and his solution: A lot of the times, people don't have experience with the framework that you need in order to enlist competent people. We built the framework on the 'Mastermind Playbook' and it helps you really identify people with strong core values, people that have a mission statement, people that are looking to grow not only for monetary reasons but they have a greater purpose in life. We help formulate that and we organize to a manner that which you could grow, scale and develop your company with a greater purpose in mind. A lot of people want to get people around them, but they don't really know how to articulate the type of person they need around them. There are people out there everywhere but we want people that are willing to go for it. People who are not necessarily adverse risk. People who are willing to form some type of risk because you wouldn't be a small business owner if that weren't the case to begin with. So, we just help to vet those person to get people on board that have the same missions and goals in mind like you do.

5:19 Aaron’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): A lot of people are afraid; I deal with people all the time. I even asked Robin recently "why is everybody so afraid?" it's time to go for it because if you want to live, you got to go for it. Learn to be content but never complacent, I tell people to fear missing an opportunity more than they fear failure. And if you're willing to have a 'can-do' attitude, like Carol Dweck talks about in her book 'Mindset' we have to have that growth mindset and we need to set aside this fear of failure. Like I said, to fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure.

6:09 Aaron’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): They can go to and there's 3 resources we provided for you there. One is called 'What Do I Want?', one is called 'The Personal Assessment' and one is a 'Spouse Survey' which really gets people in trouble initially but it really helps them to be better from a spousal stand point. Go get those: 'What Do I Want?', The Personal Assessment' and 'Spouse Survey'. Direct link:

7:07 How did Mastermind change you? Twenty years ago when Dave Ramsey invited me in his Mastermind Group, I'd never even heard of the Mastermind Group, nor do I want to be in a group with Dave because Dave's a hard charger and I knew he was going to make me drop the veil and the facade, he was going to get down to brass tacks. He's a hard pusher, and I was like "man, I don't even want to know if I want to be around that every single week or a decade plus". Reluctantly I went and it was the best decision that I've ever made. 

Mastermind groups have radically transformed my life in many arenas because it has given me the courage, it has pointed out my super powers and encouraged me. It has also pointed out the Achilles heel that I might have and it has really touched down the blind spots that can hurt us all in our future growth. Mastermind Groups have given me that sense of accountability that I need in order to push through any upper limit challenges that I might have. That's why we started the 'Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind' group. We just lost our 19th group, about to launch group 20 and 21 shortly, and it just helps you go to that next level. 

“Fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure" – Aaron Walker 

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