May 19

How to Heart Sell! – in Just 7 Minutes with Christine Schlonski

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to not be afraid of selling
  • Engaging with your 'soulmate' clients
  • The advantage of selling from the heart


Related Links and Resources:

It's called "Heart Sells!" podcast and you can find it directly at and there are around 350 episodes there with amazing heart-centered entrepreneurs there who shared their journey on how they overcame their struggles in selling & created a wonderful business.


Christine Schlonski, is a multi-talented leader in the field of Sales, Mindset, and Strategies.  She is the Founder of Heart Sells! Academy, Creator of My Heart Sells! Members’ Community and the Host of Heart Sells! Podcast.

She works with heart-centered entrepreneurs, just like you, who love what they do but do not feel comfortable selling their services and products. She shows you how to sell with ease, transition into the offer with grace, and close the sale with confidence while being authentic.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Christine enjoys working with heart-centered entrepreneurs who want to sell more with ease and grace but facing problems of getting what they want to say out of their mouth. They are afraid to sell and don't want to be like a 'sleazy' salesperson, because they really want to make a difference for people. She helps those folks who feel like they really don't want to sell, perhaps giving stuff for free or at a lower price point (over deliver but under charge!). When you are in your own little bubble and think that you created something that everyone would love but then nobody ends up buying it, it's because Christine tells us that you haven't engaged yet with your 'soulmate' clients. She informed us that when you connect with your clients from the heart and have a great relationship, they will support you and will recommend other people to your service. Selling from the heart would become so natural and will help you grow your business.

Christine’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): She advises everyone should be clear with the value that they bring to the table. Understand that you and your business is very unique, and your soulmate client needs you. Guide them to the sales process with ease and give your client what they want and serve them with what they need, then really charge for it. Connect with them through your heart, let them be connected to you and your services.

Go from your hat into your heart and just make that offer. Because you know that you will support this person" – Christine Schlonski 

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