December 26

How to have more impact when working harder isn’t working – Eric Nehrlich

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

Bill Prater welcomes Eric Nehrlich to the Business Builder Show.

Eric, an executive coach at too many trees dot com, helps leaders have more impact by challenging mindsets and habits that hold them back. They discuss common leadership problems, such as the challenge of working harder but not getting better results, and the transition from being a problem solver to a leader who creates teams to solve problems.

Eric shares a real-life example of a client and how he helped them shift their perspective and become more successful. They also discuss how Eric differentiates himself from his competition by focusing on the client's needs and helping them solve their problems.

Eric talks about his own journey, including his major wins and losses, and how he ultimately found his passion for coaching. He emphasizes the importance of intentional focus and making choices to determine where to put your time and attention.

Finally, Eric shares his contact information for listeners interested in reaching out to him.

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