December 21

How to Grow Your Business by Being a Social CEO – Kristi Piehl

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, host Bill Prater interviews Kristi Piehl, the founder and CEO of Media Minefield.

Kristi shares her mission to innovate the public relations industry and help businesses grow through being a social CEO. She discusses the common problems her clients face, such as wanting to be more well-known and struggling with social media and getting press coverage.

Kristi also provides insights into her company's approach to handling crisis situations and differentiates herself from the competition by focusing on storytelling and guaranteeing her services. She also talks about the milestones in her business journey and the importance of aligning with legitimate media sources. Listeners can connect with Kristi on various social media platforms and access a free worksheet to start their own social CEO journey.

Kristi would like to give listeners access to a free worksheet to start your own social media strategy:

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To get in touch with Kristi visit her website:

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