February 5

How to Grow an Engaged and Profitable Facebook Group – in Just 7 Minutes with Christina Jandali

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Generate online presence the right way
  • Why Facebook group can help to generate leads
  • How important is audience engagement


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I'm going to give you my name and blueprint on exactly how to come up with that perfect Facebook group name so that people know right away if it is 'for me'. We got a special link and it is www.deliveryourgenius.com/bill 


Christina Jandali is a confidence boosting, cash creating Business Growth Strategies who helps online business owners stand out, get seen and create 6-figures plus+ profits using the power of Facebook groups.

After becoming a millionaire in her mid 20’s (losing it and rebuilding it over again) and climbing the corporate ladder, she realized she was ready to build her own dream business, not someone else’s.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:17 Christina’s ideal Client: My ideal client is a business owner that's looking to grow and scale their business online by using online marketing strategies.

1:34 Problem Christina helps solve: It really comes down with the complications of figuring out marketing strategies online and there's so much noise, there's so many new tactics, there's so many moving parts. "How do I actually get social media? How do I actually get that working for me in order to turn that into profits?"

2:11 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Christina: There are 3 things that I see people struggling with or symptoms of this. Number one: they're trying to generate online presence; they're trying to generate online business but they're not getting the level of engagement that they want. And so, they think that "oh, I should give more content, I need to put more stuff out there, I need to share more HOW-TOs.." so they're giving all this content, they're spending a ton of time and they ended up on this treadmill of producing more and more content just trying to keep up with the amount of level of engagement coming back. They think the problem is "I need to add more content" but that's not the problem. Second thing I see people struggling with is that they're not generating enough leads online. So, they're thinking "where are my people, maybe I need to get it somewhere else, maybe I need to be in a different platform" and they're trying all these different things and they're thinking maybe they need to shift their messaging to try and get more leads. And they're jumping from message to message and people became confused than ever. That's not the problem. And the third one that people see is that they're not getting enough sales and they think "if I have enough people, I will get more sales" but what happen is, if they have an offer that's not converting online, adding people to it is not going to actually convert to more sales, so that's not the problem either. Those are the 3 symptoms that people are experiencing.          

3:40 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Christina and her solution: Trying to go back to those symptoms, they're trying to fix with dumping a whole bunch of content and they're confusing the market. They're trying to change their message based on who they're talking and thinking that's going to generate more leads and they're thinking that driving more leads is just going to be the answer to an offer or sales that's not converting online. What's really going on beneath the surface is the lack of engagement with their audience. If you got that engagement with your audience, if you got that true connection with your audience meaning they're tuned in, they're tapped in, they're paying attention, they're responding to you, they're waiting for you, and they're wanting to hear, they actually want to get fully tuned. It's not about the symptoms that they're experiencing but rather more of the lack of connection with their audience.

4:43 Christina’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): One of my favorite phrases is 'seek to understand vs. seek to be understood' what that means, rather than pouring more and more information like "look at me, look at what I got!"  instead of doing that, just ask a simple question. Oftentimes, we're aren't asking a question like "what's your biggest challenge when it comes to whatever your area of expertise or whatever you help people with?" and that feels like a little intrusive if you don't know someone very well. Even asking a question, for example I might say "how do you feel about your engagement in your Facebook group?" so it's just opening up a conversation and dialogue to get someone into conversation sharing versus speaking at someone, just speak with them. Just like you would offline, you have a two-way dialogue with someone, it's the same thing when you're operating online. So, what's that simple question that you could ask to open up that dialogue with someone.

5:49 Christina’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): One of the things is, if you're starting a Facebook group, you want the name to really capture your ideal audience and who they are so that they know immediately and say "yes, this is for me!", I'm going to give you my name and blueprint on exactly how to come up with that perfect Facebook group name so that people knows right away if it is 'for me'. We got a special link and it is deliveryourgenius.com/bill  

6:36 Where do you see the trends moving? If everything that's going on in the world, with everything on lockdown, what's the trend that you really see as we're heading to 2021 and beyond, where's the market shifting? We're moving away from disconnected marketing that's one too many that just feels like it's a mass message being produced, we're really moving away from that and people are craving for connection more than ever. They want to feel seen, they want to feel heard, they want to feel that you get them. And the number one place to get an online connection is through Facebook groups. Think about all your social media platforms; consider it like your 'store friend' your business page on Facebook or other social media platforms is your store friend. It's like window shopping or window dressing for people to say "yeah, I really like to know more about this" but your Facebook is more like "come on inside my digital living room and let's talk." So, it creates a much different environment and if you're not creating that connection with your audience, then the people that you wanted to sell to or the people that you wanted to market to they're going to someone else who does.           

Think about all your social media platforms; consider it like your 'store friend'" – Christina Jandali 

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