May 25

How To Get the Most From Your Supply Chain in Today’s Environment – Aaron Alpeter

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What you need to know about our guest:

Aaron Alpeter has loved supply chain since before he knew what it was. He got his degree in supply chain from The Ohio State University and spent the first 5 years of his career working at Unilever as part of a competitive rotational program where he worked in corporate, factory, and international logistics environments.

He was interested in ecommerce and eventually left to be part of the founding team of Hubble Contacts where he led supply chain, customer service, quality, & regulatory before moving on to hold several C suite positions as both a full time and part time employee at companies like The Farmers Dog, Sustain Natural, The Flex Company, and Mirror. In 2018 he founded Izba which is an end to end supply chain consulting, outsourcing, and technology company and in 2022 launched a new SAAS company called Capabl which helps brands and fulfillment centers track how well they are meeting their fulfillment SLAs. Aaron is originally from Ohio and recently relocated from the New York Metro area to Charlotte, NC where he lives with his wife and two kids.

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The Question Aaron Enjoys Explaining:

"When will the supply chain going to get better?"


Supply chain is not any one thing, it's not any one industry. It's really unique to every company or every brand. There are companies that have good supply chains and there are companies that have bad supply chains. It really comes down to the decisions that you make in the design, because roughly 80% of the headaches that you're going to have as a business come into the suppliers that you choose, where you plan on producing your product, where you plan on selling, how you ended up, you know, plan on doing, those sorts of things.

When somebody didn't plan well, or they made a poor decisions, or they're dealing with the consequences of it. It's really easy to say that we're having supply chain. But the astute person will ask and say "Well, specifically, what's the issue? What are you looking at?" And if they say "Well, there's port delays and it's really difficult." The decision that led to those port plays being problem is the fact that you chose to locate your factory overseas. If you locate your factory in north America, that again, that's a design decision, no port delays, or at least not to the same extent that you would be having elsewhere. It's an important step, but you should always ask three or four questions as you go deeper.

“I would like to think of advising as kind of paid mentoring or consulting without much of a deliverable, where the brand is the one that's driving that agenda." – Aaron Alpeter 

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