July 14

How to get the best out of your people – in Just 7 Minutes with Jason Ho

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Deploying the right task to the team members
  • Finding out the energy level of each individual
  • Understanding that greatness is different for each person


Related Links and Resources:

It's a free eBook that really states about how to deploy people even better. This is to understanding not only competency but also energy level. Go to  www.perfectperformance.org/primal-greatness  so you can download the resources to help your team immediately.


Jason Ho is the founder of Strengths School™ and Performance Capital™, who has over 13 years of Training and Coaching Top Leaders in MNCs, SMEs; to optimize team development and drive PERFECT PERFORMANCE™.

His work spans organisations across Asia, Canada and the UAE. Some of many include Ubisoft, DHL, Johnson & Johnson, LeeJeans,Vans, VFCorp, National University of Singapore, NUS Business School and Singapore’s Ministry of Education. As South East Asia's 1st Gallup Certified Strengths Finder® & Platinum Coach, Jason was invited as a keynote speaker for an ASEAN Future Leaders Summit. He also sits on the Singapore’s NUS Business School panel as a Strengths Finder® Advisor.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Most of the time Jason works with Directors, GM's, and C-levels to whom he does his 1-on-1 coaching. He says that the challenges these people face is when they wonder how they can deploy their team in the best possible way. When they try to designate a certain task to someone, they don't get the performance that they want from that person. Jason tries to ask them "if somebody is really actually good at doing something, do you think that person likes it or hates it?" and most of the time they'll say they like it of course. But that's WRONG, that's not true. Sometimes there are people who are good at doing something but they don't like it. We need to understand what they are good at and what they really enjoy. By doing so, they will give you their greatest performance. Jason believes that everyone is built for greatness. The issue is, the greatness is different for each person. How we get that greatness from each person, that world-class standard, is really to identify what they're built to do, since each person is different. 

Jason’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): There's this one question that you could ask: try asking them "For this task, how energized or drained do you feel in doing that task? From 10 being 'energized' and zero being 'drained'. Jason emphasizes that everybody's energy level is different, and as a leader, you need to figure out what they are best at doing a job.

We need to understand what they are good at and  whatthey really enjoy. That's where you'll get the greatest performance" – Jason Ho 

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