July 28

How To Get Marketplace Attention with A Big Marketing Idea – in Just 7 Minutes with Todd Brown

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What’s the effective campaign that can generate new customers and sales
  • Why marketing and selling are vastly different activities
  • How an effective marketing campaigns are built on good, marketing Ideas 


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A big source is the big marketing idea swipe file, it's a downloadable PDF. Where they can find it is in the following URL: http://toddbrown.me/swipe-file


Todd Brown is considered the #1 authority on engineering profitable customer acquisition campaigns; Todd Brown is the marketing expert other experts come to when they need help with their own marketing.

With clients in over 33 different countries, operating in over 65 different mass and niche markets, it's been said that Todd has helped his students engineer more six and seven-figure marketing campaigns than any other expert online today.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:28 Todd’s ideal Client: We really serve ambitious entrepreneurs that are motivated to grow their businesses using direct response marketing. We primarily focus on experts, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and agency owners.

2:04 Problem Todd helps solve: The problem that we solve is their lack of effective marketing when it comes to generating a consistent and steady flow of new buyers, new clients, new customers, new sales.

2:36 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Todd: First and foremost, on a superficial level, those are folks that they struggled to generate new clients, new customers, new sales. They struggled to be able to afford the marketing and advertising. They struggled to get enough traffic. They struggled to generate sufficient amounts of topline revenue. And ultimately, they struggled to generate a sufficient amount of profit. They struggled to grow their business because the lifeblood of every business is new customer acquisition. First and foremost, without a steady flow of new customers you eventually go out of business. And so, for folks it can be frustrating. They have a great product, they have a great idea, they have a great widget, and they just lack the ability to get enough people to say YES to them in the form of participating in the transaction. so, it's frustrating, it's certainly disheartening, makes a lot of folks ask a lot of questions whether they're on the right path, question whether they can actually make this business work, and it creates a lot of fear. Because at the end of the day, if you don't have a method of vehicle or a process in place to get new customers, it's very scary for a business owner.

4:13 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Todd and his solution: First and foremost, they conflate selling and marketing; thinking selling and marketing are the same activity with the result. A lot of people talk about marketing and selling as if they are the same activities, as if it's one in the same. But marketing and selling are two vastly different activities with vastly different objectives. And so not understanding that creates a lot of problems for folks. Second mistake is, a lot of folks start with their product or service, and they focus on what they know about the product or service, what they believe is special about the product or service, what differentiate this product or service. And then they try to figure out 'how do I best present that to my audience?' when instead, what they should be doing is they should be starting with their audience and understanding what we call 'the examination stage' ; understanding what makes their audience tick, what is their audience want, what is their audience want more or want less of, what are their emotions, what are their feelings, what are their current beliefs. And base on that, formulating the right marketing message. Next is very simple, folks they don't realize the critical importance of the offer portion of Marketing. The offer can make-or-break any marketing campaign. A great offer can make up for weak marketing & copy, but great marketing and great copy will never make up for a weak offer. So, not putting enough time, attention, and resources into developing the right offer.

Two other things that I would say is, number one is, today a lot of entrepreneurs still view the idea of differentiation through 'I got to differentiate me; my company, my business, my experience,  my education, my track record from everybody else' but the reality is, today the differentiation that moves the needle for businesses is differentiating by how your product or services works to deliver the benefit to the prospect. How does your product or services work differently from your competitor's product or services to deliver the end result? And the fifth mistake that folks really make is they try to create marketing that creates attention with hyperbolic exaggerated claims and promises instead of building your marketing message around a great marketing idea.

7:22 Todd’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): I'm going to give you a valuable action but I can't say that it's easy but it's valuable and that's much more important than ease. Number one, it starts with recognizing that no matter what you sell, what product, what service, or what you are marketing, you are really in the Idea business.  Something that I've learned from my earliest mentors, gentleman by the name Mark Ford. In order to create effective marketing which is the lifeblood of every business, you have to understand that we are really in the business of developing new, unique, timely, fresh, sometimes contrarian ideas that we bring to the marketplace. All good, effective marketing campaigns are built on good marketing idea. And so, the important action is this: number one is to accept and recognize that you're in the business of disseminating interesting, unique, compelling, fresh, timely idea. And when it comes to your marketing, start first before you try to write a copy, before you try to write a headline, before you write a tagline, or you do anything like that. Start with what is new, unique, interesting, and compelling idea. What's the different story that I can tell that nobody else in my marketplace is telling? What is a different perspective that I can take, a different angle, a different viewpoint that my marketing is going to see as new, unique, fresh, different, timely, intellectually interesting, and emotionally compelling? That's what we call a big marketing idea.

If you have a weak marketing idea, you have to try to get attention and maintain that engagement, that attention with hyped-up, exaggerated claims, hyperbolic copy, which is unfortunately a lot of people associate their direct response with. But when you have a good, big, marketing idea, you can let that idea shine through. You can talk with plain language because it's the idea that get the attention, that differentiate you, that stands out, that separates you from all of the noise. You want and need to start with a big marketing idea.

9:58 Todd’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): A big source is the Big Marketing Idea swipe file. I believe it's a dozen and a half examples of marketing ideas broken down and dissected by me, so the folks can understand what the big idea is and how it's constructed, what's emotionally compelling and what's intellectually interesting about it. It's a downloadable PDF. Where they can find it is in the following URL: toddbrown.me/swipe-file

10:56 What do we teach our folks, what do we train our entrepreneurs so that they do get consistent new costumers, new sales, new buyer, etc.? The answer to that is a methodology that's really my life's work after almost two decades in the world of direct response marketing, and the method is called 'E5'. It is a very different way of marketing, because number one it's based on getting attention with the big marketing idea. It's about separating yourself or differentiating yourself in what we call a 'unique mechanism' which goes back to how your product and services work to deliver the result and it's education-based. And it's not a sales pitch; it's true marketing. It's a method that I will encourage your folks if they need help, if they go to google or YouTube and search my name and you will be able to learn a heck of a lot more about how and why it works.

“The important action is this: number one is to accept and recognize that you're in the business of disseminating interesting, unique, compelling, fresh, timely idea” – Todd Brown  

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