September 1

How to get clients from podcast interviews – in Just 7 Minutes with Cloris Kylie

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Gaining visibility in a busy market
  • Why you need to know your ideal clients first
  • How collaborating with influencers can help


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Cloris Kylie, MBA, is the bestselling author of Beyond Influencer Marketing and host of the top-rated “Beyond Influencer Marketing” podcast. With a background in industrial engineering and digital marketing, she helps expertise-based entrepreneurs build authority, grow their list, and get ideal clients by collaborating with influencers. She has been featured on platforms with millions of followers including network TV, top-ranked podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs. Her motto is “reveal your magnificence.”

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Cloris ideally wants to work with people who build businesses with their expertise; then help others advance in their business but they need the exposure or want to be seen. These folks are having difficulties in gaining that visibility in a very crowded market place. Therefore, they feel frustrated, they know they have the value and yet, not enough people know about them. There are different ways to promote your business out there but it can be an overwhelming or impossible thing to do; write a blog, post on LinkedIn, create email marketing, etc. that these things become too much. One must enjoy what they're doing in order to enjoy helping others in return, but this won’t happen if you're feeling overwhelmed. The mistake as well is trying to reach out to everyone; "Who exactly do you work with?". You really need to define your ideal clients or niche audience. When you are able to define that, you can really create a message that resonates with them. Another thing that Cloris sees is when someone 'wants to do it all' or being on all social media platforms. Based from her experience, collaborating with someone who already has an audience to build that momentum. When you reach out to a podcast influencer and say "I have a gap that I can fill or a subject that your audience doesn't know about and teach them how to do it" then that's the good starting point. start TODAY to reach out and you will see your business grow. 

Cloris’ Valuable Free Action (VFA): First advice is to get to know your ideal client much better, and then reach out to your ideal audience by connecting to influencers. And to find that type of influencers is to go back again to the people you worked with and ask "Who do you admire? Where do you get inspiration from?" and that will give you a head start. You now know the influencers they respect, then build a connection with them since you know they reached your ideal audience. That's one of the best things you can do starting today.

The whole thing about revealing your magnificence is to enjoy what you're doing, enjoy helping others. And that goes out the window when you're feeling overwhelmed" – Cloris Kylie 

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