December 2

How to Get a Grip on your Business – in Just 7 Minutes with Jeremy Macliver

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why you need to treat your ad as an actual ad
  • Result of hiring the wrong people
  • Why do people don't get good help


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Go to and you'll see a link for the FREE book "How to Hire the Ones you Won't Want to Fire". Then look at the interview process; what's going on, what they should be doing, or when they should be doing it so that they can prevent those common mistakes.


Jeremy Macliver, Certified EOS Implementer and Core-fit Hiring Coach, is passionate about helping business owners get what they want from their business. As a serial entrepreneur, Jeremy has led multiple companies through high growth phases, such as construction, automotive, and service industries.

Under Jeremy's leadership, companies have doubled in size year after year, created strong cultures that attracted top talent, increased profitability, won the Best Places to Work award, and created apprenticeship programs that support youths interested in getting into the trades.

Today, Jeremy shares his insights with leadership teams to reignite the passion on which their business was founded, and guides them through the process of building a stable, long-lasting organization accountable to their vision.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

A line that Jeremy heard from his dad is "get a trade", therefore his ideal clients are business owners in the trades like construction and manufacturing. Particularly those who are hiring lots of people under 30 dollars an hour. He helps them in hiring better people- and faster. The saddest thing that Jeremy sees is when these folks started to lose their vision; their dreams for the company, all of the excitement they have in their business begins to wane. They tell themselves "Ok, I'm going to do that. I need to do that" it means they don't actually have a system to free them, and get the right people in the right seats. Because of this, they become desperate in taking anyone, and it ends up taking the wrong people. This lowers their confidence as a leader, and lowers their performance as a company, and causes tons of financial distractions. If you're wondering why do people don't get good help, that's because they haven't systemize that part of their process whether knowing what they're looking for, or how they're going to sort through it, That's why they're not finding the right people.

Jeremy’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Start thinking about your job ads as an actual ad. A lot of things that you put on the job ads; they would never put on a marketing ad to get a customer. Start to really think about you're advertising for employees. So, move your job ad over to an advertisement and think "Is it really selling me and my business in a way that I'm proud and represent us."

Start thinking about your job ads - as an ad" – Jeremy Macliver

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