June 15

How to Generate Non-Stop Leads on Linkedin – in Just 7 Minutes With John Nemo

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Getting quality leads without spending ton of money
  • How to professionally set-up your LinkedIn profile
  • Strategic way to sell on LinkedIn


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John Nemo is a bestselling LinkedIn Author & Trainer who has been featured by LinkedIn's official marketing blog, Social Media Examiner, Entrepreneur on Fire, Inc. Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider and many others.

John has personally rewritten the LinkedIn profiles of Chris Brogan, John Lee Dumas, Mari Smith, Dan Miller, Ray Edwards, Tom Ziglar (son of Zig Ziglar), Jairek Robbins (son of Tony Robbins) and many other A-List business names and entrepreneurs.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:48 John’s ideal Client: It's definitely business coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, small business owners and anyone who is in-charge of their own business, company or their own brand.

2:06 Problem John helps solve: Lead generation. Getting people quality leads without spending a ton of money on advertising or playing professional footsie at network events, and all those other things we hate to do. Definitely the problem I solve is getting quality leads quickly with minimal expense.

2:46 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to John: I think people come to me feeling frustrated, feeling like they've been pass-by. I used to do cold calls, I used to do ads, I used to do networking events and it's not working. I've been living of referrals and those went away, I'm obsolete, how do I get in the game here. And also, those inquisitive and curious wondering there's something going on with LinkedIn, I'm not quite sure how to capitalize on this. But I feel like there's an opportunity here, you seem someone who can help me. That's definitely the state people come to me in.

3:45 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding John and his solution: The biggest mistake that people make in approaching LinkedIn is treating it like it's still their resume, and not making a profile in what I called "client face-in", and not being about the problems that you solve or the audience that you serve. That's the number one mistake that people make. The other big mistake that people make on LinkedIn is to try to marry everyone in the first day; they immediately connect and try to sell you something. And you need to practice a little professional courtship and build some rapport. You wouldn't do that in real life, you wouldn't sit down across from me face-to-face meeting for the first time in a coffee shop and ask for a discovery session. You wouldn't do that. Those are the two big mistakes; profile set up wrong and trying to sell.

4:59 John’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): With you LinkedIn profile, the most important thing is your headline, right under your name and your photo. Change your headline from CEO (company name), your title, but, no one cares about themselves. Change it to the audience you serve and the service you provide. (example) It will be Business coaching for (blank) audience or SCO for (blank) audience, or lead generation for (blank) audience. Service + audience, that's one quick win you can write.

5:45 John’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): I'm going to giveaway copy of my entire book "LinkedIn Riches." The audio book, the E-book, the PDF, the kindle, whatever version you want. Go to www.Linkedinriches.com. You can download the entire book for free, and that's my whole playbook, scripts, for free, it's all those goodies.

6:27 How do you actually sell on LinkedIn? One is client-facing profile and I talk all about that in the book, how to make it all about the audiences you serve. Two is build a rapport, treat it like a one-on-one coffee meeting, break the ice, talk about the other person and where they live, where they went to school, you can see that in their LinkedIn profile. And third is to use the sales template once you've done that, that works really well as a one-on-one LinkedIn message, and that's very simple. The parts of it are you ask a question and get curious "are you interested in (blank), and (blank) is the topic you want to talk about. The reason I ask is, I got a great free (blank) piece of content, free audit whatever. Then ask permission 'if you like, just reply yes or thumbs up, I can send you over the information without any pressure. If you're not interested, no worries." All the sales on LinkedIn are in the mailbox; the money is in the mailbox, one-on-one messaging. All you have to focus on, on this platform.

"All the sales on LinkedIn are in the mailbox; the money is in the mailbox, one-on-one messaging" – John Nemo     

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