March 1

How to Generate 2% to 4% in the market – in Just 7 Minutes with Mark Yegge

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Attain to be excellent and not just average
  • Importance of getting educated when it comes to money
  • The advantage of targeting 2% to 4% in the market


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Mark Yegge (YEG-ee), the Wealth Architect, is a lifelong learner, author, course-creator, mentor, and fund manager. He’s traded over $14-billion worth of securities. Using his experience and expertise, Mark is on a mission to change the way we invest.

Along the way, he garnered awards as Small Business of the Year, the Florida 100, and the Inc Magazine Fast 500 - recognizing the fastest-growing companies in America. Personally, he was recognized twice by Deloitte as an Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Mark has informed us that they usually deal with 7 to 8-figure investors, stressing to them on how to create a solid, reliable income from the stock market. The programming that comes from Wallstreet or perhaps the lack of knowledge that we get from the school system, or just about mediocrity and be average. You need to go for excellence and not just median. 

If you're not someone who's not doing well in the market or experiencing some down times, and then over diversify, you may think diversification will protect you. But if there's big money movement out of assets, it happens to all the assets. Mark and his team has a system to help them smooth out that riot along the way.

A lot of people have given up a lot of their personal choices when it comes to their health, wealth, and time. They trust a lot of those sales people that makes you seem like they're financial planners. They just give up their power, they believe that some people have more power than we do in our own money. You need to figure out a system. You got to learn that there's variables that lead to repeatable result. Mark believes in diversifying among assets but concentrating within them. 

Mark and his team teach investors how to target 2% to 4% in the market. And they do that by letting them create income from the stocks that they own or the stocks that they wanted on. Not just any stocks, but the good ones, the big capitalized ones, that you can use to create income into a portfolio. You can predict and dial in the amount of income and risk that you want to have. And Mark advises these folks to shoot for 2 to 4% a month. 

Mark’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):

It's important to get educated especially when it comes to your money. Dedicate and taking control of your financial life is the most valuable thing that you can be doing.

Never give up power in your health, your wealth, or your time." – Mark Yegge

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