April 5

How to Double your Revenue in 90 Days – in Just 7 Minutes with Simon Severino

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Knowing when to relax and not feel guilty it
  • Applying a smart, healthy and scalable model
  • Following a system to double your revenue


Related Links and Resources:

Some may start to wonder which part to "cut in half' or task to remove on their list since everything is important. Simon is using a tool which he applies once a month to know which one to reduce. Go to www.strategysprints.com/equalizer, it's a spreadsheet that will calculate what to cut and there's a short video that will show you how to use it. 


Simon Severino helps business owners double their revenue in 90 days. His purpose in life is helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. After 17 years of strategy execution experience from NY to Sydney, he created the Strategy Sprints® Method, a practical method to run an agile and resilient company.

He is a growth advisor to Consilience Ventures in London. He is a member of the global educator network of Duke Corporate Education. Simon is the founder of Strategy Sprints, a global team of certified Strategy Sprint Coaches helping business owners double their revenue in 90 days.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Simon enjoys working with businesses having a single owner or founder, and would want to double their income as quickly as possible. And the problem is, he thinks that they work too much because of it. The worst is when these people starts to feel guilty when spending time with their family or even try to take a few weeks off. This mindset needs to be changed; and he advises that you need to be two levels above fulfillment by applying a healthy, smart, and scalable model that you will enjoy. In this interview he will lay out the steps and techniques in guaranteeing to double your revenue.

Simon’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): He advises us to make a list of all the activities we are doing right now and cut it in half... and then cut it in half again.

“"You can still be the personal brand of the company BUT, you need to get out of fulfillment and be two levels above- QUICKLY" – Simon Severino 

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