October 5

How to differentiate yourself in a competitive industry – Sean McGraw

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

On this episode of the Business Builder Show, host Bill Prater interviews Sean McGraw, the visionary and CEO of FOR Energy, a leading whole house energy company. Sean shares insights on how to differentiate yourself in a competitive industry and discusses the key problems his company solves for homeowners.

Sean emphasizes the importance of looking at the whole home as a system rather than focusing on a single solution. While other companies may only address high electricity bills by offering solar or insulation options, FOR Energy takes a holistic approach. They assess the entire home, considering factors such as air conditioning, ductwork, and insulation to provide customized solutions that not only reduce bills but also improve comfort.

Competing in a crowded market, FOR Energy stands out by prioritizing understanding their customers' needs. They emphasize personal, professional, and financial growth within their team, ensuring their people serve customers at a higher level. By focusing on servant leadership and serving all stakeholders, FOR Energy has become one of the highest-rated energy companies in the nation.

Company site:

To get in touch with Sean, visit his website: https://forenergy.com/

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