May 27

How to Design Work That Works For You – Maari Casey

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What you need to know about our guest:

Maari Casey is an ad-agency art director turned freelancer turned entrepreneur. After leaving the full-time agency space she set-out into freelance only to discover a void between the quickly growing talent pool of freelance consultants and clients looking to connect with this resource. After starting Uncompany in 2015 the business grew to a network of over 500 working freelancers with clients all over the world. Uncompany has been written up in Forbes, Triangle Business Journal, Grep Bet and others as a growing start-up on the cusp of the independent working and gig economy boom.

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The Question Maari Enjoys Explaining:

"Is it a good time to start a business or to start freelancing?"


Whether you want to stay as an individual or one person business, to me being an independent business owner has been the greatest thing I've ever done, because it allows me to change my business, experiment, run tests and try things on. And I'm adding a huge amount of value, not just the people that we work with and to their clients, but then also to our staff.

Especially during the recession when things are changing, people are a little hesitant. But to me, especially as a freelancer, you're offering such flexibility to clients who are really looking for it. So I would say, go for it. It allows you to build a life that you can both work and live in together.

“We see everybody we work with as their own business. I don't care if they're a multi-billion dollar company, or they're a business of one. They still deserve the respect to trust their business and let them run their business." – Maari Casey

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