September 30

How to Create & Implement Your 1-Page Marketing Plan in 3 Days or Less! – in Just 7 Minutes with Mostafa Hosseini

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Simplify everything into a one pager
  • The problem of not having a clear goal
  • Applying Mostafa's 4-steps ADX formula


Related Links and Resources:

Mostafa is sharing with us the template for the one-page marketing plan template, download it at You can fill it out on your own or you can join them to do it together.


Mostafa Hosseini Helps Coaches and Consultants Create & Implement Their 1-Page Marketing Plan In 3 Days or Less. He is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Coach, founder of Persyo Inc and host of Daily Confidence for Entrepreneurs Podcast, creator of Simple Marketing Formula, creator of Simple Offer Formula, and much more.

He has been coaching and consulting for the past 11 years, helping businesses in various niches and industries grow, scale, and become more profitable.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Mostafa has shared with us that he usually works with coaches and consultants that has been around within a year or two, and they've been trying different marketing ideas, programs, software, or asking guidance from other coaches, but they started to feel overwhelmed or anxious with all of this because of the lack of results. They've been poking around trying all of these and most likely, they would have benefited from simplifying everything into a one pager that they can implement on a daily basis. When they are constantly trying a lot of ways, they start to feel tired after putting in too many hours but not enough results by the end of the day, week, or month. One of the biggest mistakes Mostafa sees is when these folks don't have a clear goal of what they actually want to build. It's like building a house; you design it, put the drawing, and then start building the house piece by piece starting from the foundation. But with the business, some business owners start building the roof without the foundation. Also, they try to serve everybody and anybody. They don't pick a niche, therefore it's more of a scarcity mindset. He then shared with us his 4-steps formula on how to increase the odds of winning by 80x: write your goal down, come up with a plan to reach that goal, implement the plan you just created, and then get support and accountability along the way. 

Mostafa’ Valuable Free Action (VFA):

One thing that I'm going to ask you to do is sit down and figure out how much business you want to bring in the next 12 months. And put it somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis. Because once you know your goal, then your brain comes up with solutions to help you get there. You got to know what you want this year.

Because once you know it (your goal) then your brain works and comes up with solutions to help you get there" – Mostafa Hosseini 

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