March 18

How To Create A $100M Brand in 6 Years – Jeremy Parker

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What you need to know about our guest:

Jeremy Parker is a serial entrepreneur and award-winning documentary filmmaker. He is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of (Acquired by Custom Ink, Nov 2021). is the best place for companies to buy and distribute quality swag that people will actually want to keep. They work with 5,000+ companies including Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Tik Tok.

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The Question Rocco Enjoys Explaining:

"How do you define entrepreneur & what are the challenges being faced?"

Answer: I would just say as an, as an entrepreneur, there's no a hundred percent right way to get something done. Every business is different, every business has their own challenges. But what I've learned is, being okay with that mentality of failure and removing it from your plate and not being nervous about how things are going to look or how customers will react. Put yourself out there, take the first step; you'll constantly learned from it. Don't overthink and you don't have to plan everything out. Just be very confident that you will ultimately get there as long as keep pushing hard enough.

“Take the first step and go, and don't overthink. You don't have to have the best business plan or plan everything out. You're going to learn what needs to happen on the go." – Jeremy Parker

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