January 13

How to Crack New Clients Using Simple Power Offer – in Just 7 Minutes with Joel Erway

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to attract new clients in a simple and effective way
  • When NOT to use the 'essential model' in marketing
  • What 'power offer' is all about


Related Links and Resources:

There's two resources; they can go to www.joelerway.com they can see all my brand-building content, free content, we are on the stage of trying to scale. Second place that you can go, is they can go to www.newwaytolaunch.com and that's going to teach all about this model.


People call Joel Erway “The Webinar Guy” but that’s a tiny slice of his expertise. Joel’s a master at selling high-ticket products. And, after trying and failing to grow his business using paid traffic, he innovated 3 game-changing concepts: The Power Offer, the Mini Webinar, and the Perfect Expert Model.

They’ve made him and his client’s $50+ million over the past few years. He’s also a long-time podcaster and the host of Sold with Webinars and Experts Unleashed.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:38 Joel’s ideal Client: My client is a coach or a consultant, somebody who considers themselves as an expert. They got a high-ticket offer; they've got a customer-based and they can serve them at a top level. They have tremendous results but they have a hard time packaging their information, and packaging their expertise in a way that attracts new clients consistently.

2:19 Problem Joel helps solve: The main problem that they're struggling with is that they are too close to their own business; meaning they just want to serve their customers but they don't know how to attract new clients in a simple and effective way. And so, the main problem that I help them solve is solving that messaging issue, helping them craft their message that attracts new clients consistently without any sort of long, complicated funnels or brand dynamics.

3:21 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Joel: Feelings and emotions are frustration, confusion and overwhelmed; those are the main three. They've been studying marketing for some time, they understand that they need marketing, they're probably relying on networking or referrals. They've probably been told they need to constantly post on social media, maybe direct message people. That's an arduous task, that's the hassle mentality.  Does it work? Yes. Is it scalable? No. As solopreneurs or people who operate with small teams, no more probably an assistant or maybe a couple of subcontractors, they need to be able to fill-up their pipeline without some crazy complex funnel that digital marketers love to sell. I'm not throwing stones at different marketers; I am a digital marketer myself but there is a simple and easy method out there that people can follow without being overwhelmed of the tech or all the complex marketing sequences that are being slang out there by most Internet marketers.

4:58 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Joel and his solution: The biggest mistake that they're trying to do is that they're trying to follow the typical 'essential model' which is put out free content, whether it's a lead market whether it's an E-book, whether it's any number of free types of resources out there. Then, build that relationship with the client or with that prospect then eventually down the road, you'll be able to sell them something. Does that work? Yes, it does but for many people who are stuck in like 'need-clients' now, that's the last thing that you should be doing. Because building your list, building your audience with freebie seekers is going to make you feel warm and fuzzy because you have a large list now, you have a large audience but, they're not going to be paying you. I've seen it happen time and time again. That's called the essential model, you give something for free, down the road, they eventually pay for your stuff. What we do, is that we do the exact opposite. We lead with an offer. meaning like we're just focused on crafting our offer first, getting out that message into the marketplace. Doesn't matter if it's a low-ticket offer or high-ticket offer. We're leading with that offer; we get those hand raisers and we speak to people who are interested in buying your services now. Get that cash flow coming in, and then down the road once you are ready to scale whatever your goals are whether you want 50K per month or 200,00 dollars per month, then great. Then you can start incorporating brand building principles like lead magnets or building your audience and putting goodwill out into the market place because that is a valid practice. But for so many experts that are struggling to get consistent clients, that's not what they should be focusing on.

6:57 Joel’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The single biggest thing that they can do today is to craft in what I call 'power offer'; it's a very simple one to two sentence framework. I'm giving it to you right now, and what you need to do is put this out in front of your internal audience. That audience that you already built whether that's your leads list or customer list whoever can buy your stuff as long as it's your target market, it can even work with cold traffic. But you need to develop this power offer, and the way that it works is very simple. The first power offer that I created was, I needed to get clients for my webinar agency and before I crafted this power offer, I was sending them to a webinar, to teach them about webinar. At the end they come to get an offer to work with me on an intermittent basis. So, when I scrapped that and said "I'm just going to make this dang offer", I crafted the power offer. And the power offer goes like this: "Attention course creators, coaches and consultants. If I offer to craft a high converting webinar for you, guaranteed to convert without needing to worry about what to say or how to say it and I'll deliver it to you within the next 24hrs, would you take me up on that offer?". At the end of that I have one sentence of authority. Over the past 3 years I built 7-figure webinars, are you next? Very simple.

8:47 Joel’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): There's two resources; they can go to joelerway.com they can see all my brand-building content, free content, we are on the stage of trying to scale. All my free content and free podcast are at joelerway.com. Second place that you can go, is they can go to newwaytolaunch.com and that's going to teach all about this model. There's no opt-in required, there's a mini webinar on that page that teaches you about this model that we talk about on how to apply that power offer and develop that into a legitimate business model that gives you a sustainable source of leads. And if you're interested, you can prioritize your high-ticket services into high-ticket courses and grow your business that way, it conceptualizes all of this. 

10:04 If you were to implement this power offer on your own, what are the results that you can expect? Without saying ‘it depends’, there's two paths that it can go; path number 1 is that you can launch that power offer to your audience and you get a bunch of hand raisers and you get a bunch of people who can take you in that offer. We have dozens if not hundreds of people take that free resource that I gave you and generate as much as 20,00 dollars or more within 24 hours. I just had a call with somebody yesterday, who launched a power offer to her list, close to 5,000 dollars sale like that. That's option number one, it can hit because it's a very hot offer. It's getting people to say "yup, I want it, let's talk, where do I go?". Option 2 or path number 2 is, ok it doesn't hit. If it doesn't hit, it's almost equally as valuable as if it does hit. Because if it doesn't hit, that means do not pass-go, do not collect 200 dollars, do not move forward, don't try to put any marketing sequence to that offer because the worst thing that you can do for your business is craft a huge marketing campaign with an offer that doesn't convert at the back end. We work in reverse, we want that offer to convert first, we want to figure out what that offer that people want first, then we get that out into the marketplace and we build that marketing sequence to sell that offer. So, if people don't want it - great. Now you know, don't move forward to that. Revise it until you get people to take off on that power offer. 

The worst thing that you can do for your business is craft a huge marketing campaign with an offer that doesn't convert at the back end" – Joel Erway 

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