July 30

How to Convert your Business Into a Highly Profitable One – in Just 7 Minutes with Michael Weber

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to have a clear vision, avatar and target market
  • Why is it important to address your self-doubt and those limiting beliefs?
  • Why reaching out to previous clients, family members, and friends is useful in getting insights of your value


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Michael Weber is the founder and CEO of WorldwideBreakthrough.com. A community of high-performance coaches and consultants that break success down to a science with laser-like focus and proven battle tested business processes.

Through WorldwideBreakthrough.com, Michael helps coaches and consultants get high value clients every single month using a predictable system.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:24 Mike’s ideal Client: These principles can work for anybody especially online because that's where a lot of people they kind of forget that once they go online, the process is a little bit different. Typically, I work with coaches and consultants. But like what I said, the principles don’t change. I work with different types of doctors, psychologists, there's a big range of people. Consulting is a broad area.

2:16 Problem Mike helps solve: A lot of people think that they have a business problem showing up in business but often there's a personal problem that's showing up. I really look at business entirely differently than most people, so I implement a lot of different things in my program aside to just business. We really have to build that foundation on that person. There's a lot of different exercises that I get people to go through, just to get them clear on their vision, clear on their avatar, their target market, those types of things. Doing a little bit of research, really finding out their ‘why’ and their superpower rights and coupling that, unique preposition with an actual desire in the marketplace. Anything after that, it starts to fall into place, it starts to become a lot easier because you have that solid foundation.

3:30 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Mike: There is more to it, having a passion for what you're doing then doesn't feel like work. Going a little bit deeper, people have this tendency to just focus on their strength which is good, that's going to get you so far but that's going to get you a plateau. There's a lot of different areas that you have to start looking at. Things like self-doubt and those limiting beliefs, I think that those things are normal, and they have to be addressed, they have to be work through. And honestly, that's what going to catapult you through your barrier because I do have the systems in place to get those clients. I mean the mechanical needs are important but like what I said, a lot of providers out there are looking at one of those areas, I really look at every single one of them because they are all required.

4:54 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Mike and his solution: Again, they're trying to sweep their problems under the rug, and they're trying to look for that next shiny object. These are the things I experienced myself that's why I'm passionate to help people. So anytime I can eliminate some of that grief, because honestly, entrepreneurship is like breaking down walls; so anytime that you can have somebody that’s been there (I really don't like saying shortcuts but is kind of a fast track), I think people are looking for that quick fix, and getting close to somebody that has obviously done it or been there, obviously makes sense. People normally are looking in the wrong areas, they're looking for that next technical thing that's going to get them there, it's usually not it.

6:15 Mike’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): I could probably say a few things but often in business what we do is, we try to over complicate things, we really want to make it simplified. Again, there is a simple exercise that I get people to do, and it's actually reaching a note to previous clients, even previous family members, friends, and getting insights from them on what is your unique value. Because here's the thing, a lot of things in life as we progress through, we get a little bit misaligned, kind of getting disconnected with our true vision. It's a good resort back to the means.

7:13 Mike’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): You can type in Member.WorldwideBreakthrough.com, that's actually going to get you inside my program and you can see what it is all about. Recently due to the hardship of the economy in Covid-19, I waived 50% charge of my program absolutely for FREE.

87:54 What advise you can give to people? The biggest advice that I can give to people is to really follow their heart, follow their passion because often what I've done and my biggest failures is that I've gone after money. Anything that comes quick and easy is going to leave you the same. So, rather than going for the money, go what you feel is right, follow your heart. It's not going to feel like work, and then the money's going to come.

“Rather than going for the money, go what you feel is right, follow your heart”– Mike Weber   

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