December 30

How to convert interested prospects into paying clients – in Just 7 Minutes with Navin Jaitly

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Getting that next level towards conversion
  • Combining the right mindset and skillset
  • Why can't people sell effectively?


Related Links and Resources:

Navin has recently produced a PDF which talks about how to deal with curious customers into making them a paid client. It's available on his website at Or, send him a direct email at [email protected] and send it to you directly.


Navin Jaitly is an award-winning salesman, public speaker and international bestselling author. 15 years' experience in sales and has sold millions of pounds in products/ services across the World. He went from underperformer to high achiever once he learnt what was needed (especially from a mindset perspective?  Now he dedicates his life to helping others (in particular small business owners/ solopreneurs) to ramp up their sales revenues.

He has his own unique approach to sales coaching and focuses on both the technical as well as mental side of the sales game. As a result, clients who use him find that they exponentially grow their sales revenue and are able to consistently do this over a long period.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Navin has shared with us that their ideal clients would be business owners or solopreneur, someone who's doing visibly well but they're in that position that they want to get to that next level. Typically, they have leads but it's falling flat from there. There are curious or interested people, but they are not becoming paid clients. Another problem is that they are stuck in their price zones, wanting to scale their prices up without scaring their existing clients or being able to attract new ones. There's a lot of fear and confusion, they don't know exactly what to do next. They're fantastic in what they do when it comes to products or services but facing problems with conversion. Navin helps them to get total clarity and total knowledge of what they're doing in order for them to get to the next level. 

The mistakes that he sees that they do is that firstly, the mindset. They are not thinking of themselves or their business in a grand manner that they need to in order to get to that next level. Second would be the skillset side. They're making it all about them and not getting into the client's world, asking the right questions, not effectively listening, they're not handling objections in the most empowering way. So, it's important to have those two things clear first.

He says that some people can't sell effectively because they're never been taught how to. Some say that people are naturally born salespeople, but Navin disagrees with this. There are people who are great conversationalists, but sales is not all about the way you talk. It's all about your mindset, how you listen, what type of questions you ask, and how you position yourself. If you want to be a great salesperson which you need to be to grow your business, you need to be taught. Some will come naturally to you, but there is a system in place. 

Navin’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):

For mindset perspective, they need to rethink and relook at what their business is and who they are. Once they work that out in the most empowering way, that will be a gamechanger. From the skillset perspective, the next time you're in front with someone, ask them more empowering questions, ask them opening questions that will get them to an emotional response. Because people buy with emotions and justify with logic. Those two things will surely help.

When you understand a client and you get your own mindset firing, you will convert them, they will become paid clients with the prices you want" – Navin Jaitly 

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