September 26

How to constantly replace yourself – Craig Ceccarelli

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, we feature Craig Ceccarelli, owner of Craig is going to share with us how he built a large and highly successful home improvement company, and why he went about doing that. But before we get into that, we'll learn about the problems homeowners in southeast Michigan face with their basements and crawl spaces.

Craig serves homeowners in southeast Michigan and anyone with a basement or crawl space. Basement waterproofing is the bulk of their business. These houses are typically anywhere from 15 years old on up. The initial system that the builder might have put in is failing or failed and needs replacement, just like any other component of the house.

Normally, homeowners call Craig's team when they see water on the floor of the basement. It could be an isolated plumbing problem or a basement waterproofing issue. Craig's team will come out for a free inspection and diagnose the problem. Once they identify the leak, they will sit down with the homeowner and come up with a plan, either solving the problem from the outside or using interior methods.

Join us as we learn how Craig built a successful home improvement company and how he helps homeowners in Michigan solve their basement and crawl space problems.

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