May 17

How to Change the Conversation and Change your Results – in Just 7 Minutes with Chris Westfall

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The way you communicate is a powerful tool
  • Difference between 'the reporting voice' and language of 'creation'
  • 'Stop pitching' and to just have a conversation


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Chris Westfall is a business coach, keynote speaker and author who's helped launch over 60 businesses, raising over $100 Million in capital investment (and counting).  Entrepreneurs, executives and future leaders turn to Chris for guidance on peak performance, team building, business development, branding and more. Recognized as the US National Elevator Pitch Champion, Chris is the publisher of seven books. He's a corporate trainer and coach to global businesses, entrepreneurs and executives across a broad array of industries.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Chris says that his clients are those who are frustrated of trying to go from commodity to creating value. To creating conversation that creates distinction that drives that kind of interest. They are mostly executives at a Fortune 500 companies, and also high-growth entrepreneurs who know that the way to communicate is the secret of creating powerful leadership, marketing, sales, and more. He helps them have the ability to share ideas with clarity and confidence so that people can get enrolled and engage with them. Chris tells further the difference of what he calls 'the reporting voice' and the language of 'creation'. He humbly says he's not a guru but his expertise is pointing people towards their own resourcefulness and helping them get out in their own way. Chris remembers someone told him "the waves always comes to you" and he elaborates the explanation in this interview. Chris discovered the importance of 'stop pitching' and to just have a conversation that concentrates on the value he can create for the person right in front of him. 

Chris’ Valuable Free Action (VFA):

Check out Chris YouTube channel (, he has millions of videos that can help you access powerful communication skills. Take a look on the way on how you can train or onboard your employees and grasp the deeper understanding of leadership.

I'm not living for tomorrow based on what I did yesterday. I'm looking forward to that client that wants to make an impact" – Chris Westfall

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