March 15

How to build a personal brand that attracts and converts more – in Just 7 Minutes with Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why most fall prey to the next shiny penny and why it is the biggest mistake you can make when trying to build your brand.
  • they've got to look at their point of differentiation. What is it that sets them apart from everybody else doing the exact same thing that they're doing to the exact same people they're doing it to?
  • You can have a great photo shoot, nice slick logo, perfect tagline, right? But a brand is not just those three things. We look at 77 different criteria, and those are designed to produce a purposeful. and profitable per personal brand, and that's really what sets us apart from everybody else.


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Tonya and Michael's Gift to you:

The Ultimate Guide to a Profitable Personal Brand, and you can go to to grab that beautiful book.


Tonya Eberhart and Michael Carr are international bestselling authors, hosts of the Be Bold Branding Podcast, and partners in BrandFace®, the most comprehensive personal brand-building system across the globe. They have helped and inspired thousands of Coaches, Creators and Experts to define, develop, and display a profitable personal brand so they can “change how they’re seen and charge what they’re worth”.  Their mantra is "People don't do business with a logo. They do business with a person."

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