August 25

How to Build a Highly Profitable Coaching Business – In Just 7 Minutes With Luisa Zhou

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why it’s important to master one platform first for generating traffic
  • How effective is finding 3 people online as your potential clients
  • How can you start creating a massive momentum challenge


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It's an actual workbook that helps you think how to start and set up your 6-figure online coaching business. And that URL is  


Luisa Zhou is the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur system, which teaches people how to leave their day job and start their own six-figure plus business working for themselves. She’s helped thousands of students to launch their own businesses that generate anywhere from 30K to 100K in less than a year. Her advice has been featured in numerous online and print publications including Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur, Success magazine, and more.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:19 Luisa’s ideal Client: My ideal client is someone who has a history of success; whether it's a corporate career or maybe an offline business but is looking to go online and really build a lean, profitable business for themselves.

1:46 Problem Luisa helps solve: The principle problem aside from really figuring out what to offer, how to stand out, and how to really make sure it's really something that's going to sell. After we nail all that, it's really about how do you stand out from many websites or social media profiles out there.

2:25 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Luisa: So, there are a few. The first is frustration; frustration by saying "look, I know that I'm really good in what I do, I have the career, the offline business, or whatever to show for, but why is it so hard?! It shouldn't be this hard!". And " what's going on, I'm doing all the stuff but where's the results?". That's really the number one symptom. There's also overwhelmed; there's the tags, the funnels, email marketing, everything.. "How do I go about doing it?". I would say that these are the two top emotions.

3:15 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Luisa and her solution: One of the common mistakes is throwing stuff on the wall, trying to generate traffic and hoping something sticks. Maybe you do one post on Instagram, you do one on Facebook, and you do one on LinkedIn. And at the end of the day, you wonder why nothing has grown. It's really because you need to double down on one traffic source and figure out how to master it before you focus on anything else. The other mistake that I see a lot is not having the backend systems to support any new traffic. That's the secondary problem. So, solve the traffic problem first but what I do see, is that people started building an audience but they don't really have the way to handle sales or deliver on clients. So now they're hustling 24/7 not only to continue generating traffic but also to support the sales that they're making. And it's all about figuring out what's one product I can really just knock out of the park, how can I deliver that in a scalable way. Once I got that, I'm not going to fiddle with the backend anymore, I'm going to focus on getting more leads and sales.

4:41 Luisa’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): One thing that I would recommend doing is finding 3 people who are your potential clients online. For example, if you are working with people who are decision makers in the corporation, go on deal with them. Go any different areas. Maybe you are in a Facebook group, maybe your audience is on Instagram, those are really some of the most common ones. Reach out to three people. It doesn't have to be "hey, I'm so and so.. this is how I can help you. Do you want to buy from me?", it can be as simple as "hey I saw you ask this question about this thing that I can help with. I'm happy to chat with you a little bit more, provide some advice for free, and if you're interested, we can talk about how I can support you further". That's the kind of messaging that I would use. Do that for at least 3 people, see what happens from there, and if you don't get a sale, repeat it. Really focus on that, until you excel. That's the number one thing I would say.

6:02 Luisa’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): It's an actual workbook that helps you think how to start and set up your 6-figure online coaching business. And I have a few names for it for fun, it's called the "Escape Philosophy Plan". And that's because my background is an Engineer for Space station. It really ties in to escaping the gravity of your current situation. And that URL is

6:53 What would you further recommend? What I would love to talk to through is taking action, getting results, systemizing things. But there is also a time and a place for a big burst of growth. What I would love to share is just a little bit about when is the time for that and what I would recommend.

In the online space, doing some sort of launch whether it's for your coaching program or group program is a lot of work; but it's so worth it. Because that's how I personally built my business. I've seen a lot of my clients over the years grow really quickly, and just grow their audiences as well and really become established like this person is doing something really cool. What that looks like is gathering a lot of people around you whether that's affiliate partners, investing in paid traffic or some combination.

Creating this massive momentum where maybe you are doing a challenge for 5 to 10 days in a row, consecutively showing up for all these new people you just added to your audience. And then of course sharing with them whatever your awesome product is. And creating that splash which not only creates a lot of brand momentum for you, it also creates sales, testimonials down the road after they completed your program. it's letting people know that 'hey, this is someone I need to put attention to.'

“In the online space, doing some sort of launch whether it's for your coaching program or group program is a lot of work; but it's so worth it.” – Luisa Zhou

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