October 31

How to be a mindful entrepreneur – Ravi Kurani

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Show Notes:

Welcome to the Business Builders Show with your host, Bill Prater. In this episode, we have Ravi Kurani as our guest, who will share his insights on how to be a mindful entrepreneur.

Ravi is the founder of Sutro, a robotics water startup that focuses on ensuring the safety of your water. Specifically, their ideal clients are backyard swimming pool and hot tub owners, serving the 14 million pools and spas in the United States. With their innovative floating laboratory, Sutro's technology can measure water chemistry and send the results directly to your phone, providing a simple thumbs up or thumbs down on the quality of your water.

Ravi also highlights the potential of expanding their technology to other water industries such as drinking water, agriculture, cooling water towers, and food and beverage production. Join us to learn more about Ravi's journey and how Sutro is solving common problems for pool owners, ensuring they never have to deal with green pools again.

Company site:

To get in touch with Chao visit his website: https://mysutro.com/

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