July 7

How to Attract A-list Clients using LinkedIn – in Just 7 Minutes With Yakov Smart

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to reach out and market to your type of client
  • Making your LinkedIn profile attractive for A-list clients
  • Having a methodology, strategy or system in using LinkedIn


Related Links and Resources:

You can go to www.linkedleads.us/profile, download a cheat sheet for your LinkedIn. It gives you a good starting guide for making your profile, in what Yakov called 'irresistible' to those A-list clients that you're looking for.


Yakov Smart is considered to be the leading expert when it comes to attracting A-List clients using LinkedIn. He’s the Author of Disrupting LinkedIn and a sought-after authority by top business owners and sales leaders world-wide. Yakov has shared the stage with Samantha Debianci of Bravo's hit TV show, Million Dollar Listing and been a guest on numerous media outlets.

A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, today Yakov is the proud leader of Linked Lead Enterprises, where his webinars, on-demand training programs and strategic consulting accelerators give people proven tools and techniques for transforming their LinkedIn Profiles into priceless, Relationship Building Assets.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

1:43 Yakov’s ideal Client: Somebody who either wants to raise capital, attract investors using LinkedIn or somebody in the B2B type of service space who wants to attract A-list, high-end, premiere type of client.

2:13 Problem Yakov helps solve: They don't have control of generating leads at will, on demand. And instead they're stuck hoping to get referrals, that's what usually happens.

2:48 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Yakov: People just aren't able to first of all, get their foot in the door. Maybe they have a type of client they really want to work with, who will get a lot of value from working with them, and maybe they have no way of reaching that person, and when they try to reach out and market or offer their help, it goes on deaf ears because the market is so saturated. There's so much noise out there whether they're just being ignored, and that's not letting them do their best work and it's also not letting their potential client benefit from working with them. The other issue is, it's very sporadic, it's a roller coaster of some months having enough clients and enough business. And another month having a dry up and looking for that next lead or clients. Those are couple of the big things, there are some symptoms and consequences of those, are shortages in cash flow, instability, a lot of stress, a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of hardships and struggle that's completely unnecessary when you do have a way of generating leads consistently.

4:08 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Yakov and his solution: Couple of the biggest ones is they're not doing the right thing; so they're trying to just ‘post and hope’. They're trying to post something to LinkedIn and hope it brings a new flurry of new business. And that 99.9% of the time is not the case. So, they don't have a methodology, strategy or system. They're not reverse engineering how to hit their goal, how to hit their outcome using LinkedIn, using that platform. There are some people who are actively taking a lot of action and trying to do outreach, but reaching out in an ineffective way. They are reaching out where they're coming up as family or salesy, that's not working either. And then you have the people who are just spending so much time trying to do a whole bunch of things, hoping something sticks. They don't have clear direction on that as well. Another big mistake is that some people go on thinking of advertising on LinkedIn, spend money on LinkedIn ads when in reality for most businesses the organic marketing strategy is there are plenty. So those are couple of the biggest things I often see and hear about.

5:22 Yakov’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Go on LinkedIn, play with the searches, find the exact type of client that you're looking for, the person you want to attract. And everything you do on LinkedIn, ask yourself a question 'what will that person think' would it be a good match for that person.

5:54 Yakov’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): The big thing on LinkedIn is to have a profile that is attractive to A-list clients. And I got a cheat sheet that people can go to linkedleads.us/profile, they can download that cheat sheet. It gives you a really good starting guide for making your profile, in what I called 'irresistible' to those A-list clients that you're looking for.

6:30 What's the best way to go about messaging someone on LinkedIn? You want your message to match them to where they're at. If you are able to identify a very specific problem or pain, and pinpoint that in your message, you can start to move things along very quickly. I want people to think about education first; informing and educating potential clients first especially A-list clients, but also having a multi-step approach. Understanding is not a one-shot kill thing.

In most cases, you want to take the relationship beyond LinkedIn especially if you got an A-list type of client, they're either want to talk on the phone, or in person, or whatever that next step is for.

I want people to think about education first; informing and educating potential clients first” – Yakov Smart

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"All the sales on LinkedIn are in the mailbox; the money is in the mailbox, one-on-one messaging" – John Nemo     

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