July 11

How to Anticipate Customer Needs and Succeed – Harry Arnon

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

Harry Arnon, the president of Hernon Manufacturing in Sanford, Florida, was featured on the Business Builder Show with Bill Prater. Hernan Manufacturing provides innovative solutions in high-performance adhesives and sealants and precision dispensing equipment for aerospace, defense, automotive, marine, and other manufacturers worldwide. They offer customized formulas, dispensing equipment, and a single-source responsibility to their customers.

Arnon shared a case study of how they solved the problem of waterproofing small caliber ammunition. The pre-existing system used solvent-based material to seal the primer to the cartridge and caused problems such as leakers, shrinkage, and variations in thickness. Hernon Manufacturing came up with a 100% solid system that cures with ultraviolet light and offers precision application of the product.

Arnon talked about the importance of innovation in the company and how they ensure that they stay ahead of the competition by offering a step process that ensures their commitment to their clients. Hernon Manufacturing has a loyal community of engineers and advocates who have worked with them for many years.

Company site:

To get in touch with Harry Arnon, visit his LinkedIn profile or the Hernon Manufacturing website at www.hernon.com.

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