January 4

How to adapt and thrive in this ever-changing world – Rick Yvanovich

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

Bill Prater hosts the Business Builder Show, featuring industry champions from around the world. In this episode, Rick Yvanovich, founder and CEO of TRG International and co-founder/CFO of Great People Inside, shares insights on thriving in today's ever-changing business landscape.

Rick, a serial entrepreneur and business coach, emphasizes the power of transformation and continuous learning. He guides listeners through his nine-step process in a masterclass, helping individuals discover their core values, passions, achievements, and talents.

The conversation delves into Rick's mission to assist people facing uncertainty, especially during the pandemic-induced "business as unusual" era. Rick highlights the importance of adapting to change and encourages listeners to define their unique paths in an evolving world.

Free gift: Guide to Digital Transformation: https://blog.trginternational.com/digital-transformation-how-to-get-started

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To get in touch with Rick visit his website: https://www.trginternational.com/

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