November 4

How Public Speaking Can Make You Rich – in Just 7 Minutes with Andreea Zoia

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to overcome stage fright or the feel of hesitation to do something
  • Benefits of having a structured presentation
  • Importance of getting feedback from a professional


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Before Andreea Zoia was recognized as an expert in confidence coaching, a highly sought-out presenter, and an inspirational voice for university students – And a desirable coach for royal family members, CEOs, high-ranked consultants and organizations such as: Emirates, Hermes, Adnoc, Dubai Tourism and Audi – Andreea was known as “the shy little girl with selective mutism.”

Seeking a fresh start, Andreea moved from Romania to the UAE at the age of 19 to follow her big dream of becoming a model. Working as a model for years boosted Andreea’s confidence and pushed her to follow her next big dream – being a presenter. Pooling in her 15+ years of experience, Andreea has dedicated her life to helping individuals build their brand, presentation skills and confidence, to levels that are unimaginable.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:10 Andreea’s ideal Client: I love helping the super busy CEO, the entrepreneur who wants to solve the latest problems, the managers who have so much on their hands, and the last thing that they want to worry about is memorizing their presentation or how they can structure it. I am thrilled to help people who want to take center stage, who want to talk on the TEDx stage or any stage and share their ideas in the world. So, when someone doesn't have time to structure a presentation and they don't have time to memorize it which is a big problem, I come in handy to help the CEO and entrepreneur to do that very quickly and efficiently.

3:02 Problem Andreea helps solve: Lack of time, immense stage fright which is common; more than 75% of the world population doesn't like to be exposed while speaking live on a platform or in a podcast. Because they don't have time to reflect on what are their values, what is their overall mission in life, what is that that they want to do in life. Because they're busy with doing life, they don't have a structure or they don't have their ideas in order. So, when it comes to speaking on stage, they feel like someone is testing them. In fact, the audience wants to learn, be inspired, have novelty from them. The biggest thing that blocks people from expressing themselves is fear of being judge and not having time to organize their ideas and thoughts.

4:19 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Andreea: The biggest one is hesitation; avoiding to take center stage, avoiding to go on a meeting and say "I have some fresh ideas, I would like to share them with you." Lack of courage, to speak your mind, or to contribute to a business meeting. Hesitation to say "I will show up in front of the media.. I will speak live on Facebook.. I will be the brand ambassador for my company today." They doubt that they are not able to do so, simply because they haven't tried. So, the symptoms would be hesitation and this is something that fuels me to go on LinkedIn, to go on all social media platforms and give lots of emotional and logical reasons to more entrepreneurs to show up, or choose to show up, and have an online presence. Because really, we need to be present in order for us to call in our tribe.

5:42 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Andreea and her solution: If they lack feedback from a professional, it's almost as if you will go to anybody else to ask for advice but they are not certified. If you want to know better if you should do a surgery, say you don't like your nose, your lips, or your face structure, you don't just ask your friend for their opinion, you actually booked a session with an aesthetic doctor who understands symmetry and mathematics. They can explain to you point by point and logically, what's happening with your face. So, you need a professional to diagnose you and tell you what's happening with your voice, how fast do you speak, or how is your communication landing. You can't just rely on anybody; you need to ask a professional.

6:57 Andreea’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): It's very important for us to show up online and to speak in peels of one minute. Make 20 to 30 videos on your mobile phone, and ask 3 to 4 people that already have experience and are successful on social media with their contents. Get feedback, and be very humble; be very humble to take notes and then go back, review your videos, be honest with yourself and your message. Edit those videos and have the intention to constantly improve yourself. But take advice from professionals or who are already successful at speaking.

7:53 Andreea’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): It's been two months since I put together my best public speaking and confidence Masterclass. It's a 40-minute video packed with my top tips and actionable tips that people can take, so that they can have more awareness of their communication, of their messages, how they can tell stories online. They can go to

8:45 Why is it that you do what you do? I haven't been confident, I haven't been able to speak and it gives me immense pleasure, and I'm spiritually fulfilled to constantly awaken people's authentical voice and give them the power to be themselves in the world.

They doubt that they are not able to do so, simply because they haven't tried" – Andreea Zoia 

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