March 22

How do you make Better Hiring Decisions – in Just 7 Minutes with Scott Drake

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The results of bad hiring decisions
  • Applying the "you get to" mindset
  • How do you inspire a candidate to be authentic?


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Go to We usually do 30 questions as a basis when hiring. What are the skills that people need to do, what are the pay, what are the extreme motivators that we can offer, etc. It will help people to know what do we really need and who's going to be happy. Answering those questions is our foundation in answering those scorecards, interviewing process, and so on.


Scott Drake is the Founder and Executive Director at JumpCoach, a social enterprise on a mission to make best-in-class leadership training available to everyone who needs it.

He is a sought-after consultant and trainer who made every mistake when rising through the leadership ranks. After seeing emerging leaders on his teams repeating the same mistakes, he set out to find a simpler and faster way to grow leaders. When he couldn’t find a shortcut, he invented one.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Scott has told us during this interview that they work with small to medium size enterprises, specifically people hiring knowledge workers.  A lot of people are just 'winging it' or not doing strategic or good hiring decisions. 

They fall into two buckets; one is business outcomes. Are you getting results? Is the team productive in actually delivering results that needs to be done? Bad hiring decisions can cause some of these problems. If you're having people who aren't happy, part of hiring has to be "Who will actually enjoy this work?". So, if you have an unhappy team who doesn't want to be there, then it goes back to bad hiring decisions. Number two is the process. There's some problem in their interview process where maybe good candidates are falling out. They have to be careful in not eliminating those good candidates.

It's important to establish a score card or structured interview process. We're really bad in the tech world of putting people through test that aren't reflective of the work, so we created these artificial barriers.

If you want to inspire a candidate to be authentic or be truthful in interviews, it should be a collaborative conversation not an interrogation. Don't put up those test or artificial barriers. Be more open to what your process is. The more authentic you can be, the more authentic they are.   

Scott’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Must people start out with I NEED; "I need someone who can do X, I need someone with X, Y, and Z skills..." it's about what I need as a manager. One you can do is flip that and start saying "you get to candidate who joins this organization, you get to solve this problem, you get to help this customer, you get to work with this team. Start to think about it not on the perspective of the hiring manager of 'what do I need' but thinking about it from the perspective of the person who's going to join your team and hopefully be happy and deliver those results and solve those problems. With that shift of mindset can really help people start to think about hiring in a much better way. 

“If you want people to be happy to be there, you have to understand what makes people happy, and you have to hire for that" – Scott Drake

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