April 12

How do Double Your Sales, with Zero Salespeople – in Just 7 Minutes with Andy Buyting

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The importance of digital marketing to grow your business
  • Learning first your business strategy for your marketing strategy
  • Knowing how to apply 'Smarketing'


Related Links and Resources:

Andy's team is offering a free Website Audit. They will have one of their certified marketing guides go through your website. They will video record them talking their way through your website and giving you pointers. And they'll send you a video typically it's three to five, six minutes. NO COST for that. Go to www.TM.Media/website/review

You can also get a free chapter download and you can buy the book from www.TM.Media/doublesales


Andy Buyting is a two-time international bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, and strategic advisor. He is a leader in business development and marketing and has helped businesses grow all over North America with his integrated “SMarketing” strategy.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Andy has shared with us that they ideally work with B2B clients or companies who wants to grow their businesses online whether that's locally, nationally or internationally. 

He believes that Google has not made it easy for people to market. Andy stated that digital marketing is part art and science, but it's not easy for most of us who are busy with everything in their business to devote the time to really become an expert and to understand online digital marketing. They don't know where to start and therefore they felt overwhelmed and intimidated.

People should not use old fashioned sales tactics. In his company, they eliminated the whole sales department turned to online digital marketing to replace the inbound leads and opportunities. Then have production talk to those prospect clients who have inquiries. This way, he sees that digital marketing can be so effective and cost efficient as well. However, there are those who spent so much budget in digital marketing but they weren't using it in a smart way. He says that every good marketing strategy starts with a business strategy, so it's important to have a plan. 

Andy's Valuable Free Action (VFA):

You should ask yourself if your website pass the grunt test in three seconds: Can they tell exactly what you do and what problem you solve? If they can't do that or if they need to look further, you'll lose them. Don't make it hard for them to buy. Don't make it hard for them to figure out what you do.

If you want to get or attract people online, you've got to be good at digital marketing" – Andy Buyting

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