February 1

Hacking consumer behavior with digital marketing using Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) – in Just 7 Minutes with Paul Mackiewicz

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What can eBrand Dashboard do for you
  • Why is it important an emotional connection
  • What is 'ZMOT'?


Related Links and Resources:

On their website www.zmotexpert.com, they offer eBrand Dashboard for FREE. It will bring all these different aspects of your online presence into a singular hub so that it will be easier to manage.


Paul Mackiewicz is founder of #Smart and an Army Veteran. After finding his way into the digital marketing industryworking at two different INC 5000 fastest growing companies, Paul struck out on his own. Now he helps small businesses get a true understanding of their client’s behavior and uses that information to create highly effective digital marketing strategies.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Paul has shared with us that his ideal client would be in law firms between 1-5 attorneys. He helps these folks to truly differentiate themselves with other law firms, and then accentuating those qualities to help them get their type of clients. When people start having multiple options, some make snap judgements. And those little attributes that we find on business online is what pushes that needle for them.

What Paul usually sees is that the attorney or business owner tries to find an efficient way to solve things. They may be not having a process in place on how to generate positive reviews or answer these reviews. It is important to have that human connection even for 3 seconds.

If you're wondering what ZMOT and how to conceptualize it? It's actually a concept that came out from Google about 10 years ago. It builds up the traditional marketing model which is 'awareness'.  When you try a certain product or service, you give your feedback online now. It can either be positive or negative, generate referrals or not. Then we come to the point of the 'zero' moment of truth. After awareness, you may have not made that buying decision yet. You might go online and check them out first or their competitor, etc. But what you need to look for is to find that attribute or something that's going to sway you in one direction or another. So, it's important to respond to those reviews and build an emotional connection to let them feel at ease that you are making the right decision by the end of the day.

Paul’s Valuable Free Action (VFA):

It's important to have a visible google business listing. Let's say you have an accident in Uber or Lyft, and you are not sure which or what type of attorney to contact. If you see a quick 'rideshare accident' with nice graphics and have the contact of the law firm, then it will be easier for anyone to stop searching further.

“I always tell my clients that they have to be prepared to be compared" – Paul Mackiewicz

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