May 14

Grow Your Business With ‘Set It And Forget It’ Direct Mail Campaigns – In Just 7 Minutes With Travis Lee

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to have an effective direct mail campaign
  • A 200% guarantee of your mail being delivered and read by your leads
  • Consistent way to find and convert customers and patients without the changing rules of the online platforms


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Grab the “The Simple 3 Steps Process that Ensure Direct mail Success” book which is for FREE which includes a video companion training as well:


Travis Lee is Internationally known as the expert in getting direct mail delivered, opened and read. 

As a Co-founder and President of 3D Mail Results, he generates huge returns for thousands of businesses each year who use his innovative and effective marketing strategies. 

His unique, yet tested marketing methods have helped add millions of dollars in sales to a wide variety of businesses, from “kitchen-table-run” sole-proprietors, to National and Multi-National businesses mailing millions of pieces of mail a year, consistently providing a positive returns of 200% to over 3500% for his clients.

He is the “Go-To-Guy” to many of the top marketers in the country for 3D Mail ideas and implementation, including Dan Kennedy, and his company, GKIC, Bill Glazer, Chris Cardell, and his clients include a “Who’s Who List” of top direct marketers in the world.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:15 Travis’ ideal Client: We work mainly with small to medium size businesses who are looking to grow their businesses with direct mail. We are working mainly with service-based businesses and professional practices like doctors, dentist, auto repair shops. And the common thing a lot of them have is that they are commonly overwhelmed with all the new shiny objects available especially online. They're looking for more consistent way to find and convert customers and patients without the changing rules of the online platforms. They are looking for a medium with some less competition. The mail boxes is not fully as they used to be. And if they are in the B2B sector, if they're looking to shorten their sales cycle and tighten up that time from time of first contact to the money-changing hands.

3:35 Problem Travis helps solve: We allow people to have more conversations with the right person, develop deep relationships, because every transaction that happens, every business transaction or even in our personal lives starts with a conversation. So, having that coherent conversation, getting to know the person building that relationship leads to any other thing that we want in life. Whether we are looking for funding, whether we were looking for a new client, or whether we are looking at it.

4:36 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to Travis: The frustration with all the different things going on online. Ebbs and flows of sales, so high peaks when they turn the marketing on, and low values when they turn it off, that rollercoaster motion. And if they're living in the online world, their adds and cost are increasing, cost per click, cost per impression and all that stuff. Cost per acquisition is going up. and all that leads to one certainty which is what we don't want as a business owner.

5:46 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding Travis and his solution: The biggest problem I see, is they do the random acts of marketing. They walk into the office one day and say "crap, I need customers, I need new ones, I need my old ones to come back" and they turned the marketing faucet on. Marketing is not about random acts of marketing; it needs to be about systems. Any business is built on system, and same with advertising and direct mail. If you have system set-up then you can avoid the random acts of marketing.

6:47 Travis’ Valuable Free Action (VFA): Especially right now given the circumstances that we're in, there's no better place to start than your lost customers and unconverted leads. Because you don't have look-at list acquisition cost, they are already in your database. Once again, lost clients, people who have done business with you, those haven't done it with in a regular amount of time, and unconverted leads. We need to get back to those people because they have a high ability to give us money and we don't have no list cost.

7:45 Travis’ Valuable Free Resource (VFR): I got a free book it's called "The Simple 3 Steps Process that Ensure Direct mail Success", they need to go to and they can also get a video companion training as well.

8:26 Who is your who, who is your avatar? With direct mail, we can pinpoint in a very few mediums that we can. Very quick example. If you're a realtor, and you're talking to a young family with a new child on how to upgrade or buy a bigger home, the same way you're talking to empty nesters who are looking to downgrade, you're not going to have any success. One size fits all marketing never works. Know your avatar, know your who and talk to them on how they want to be talked or spoken to.

"Marketing is not about random acts of marketing; it needs to be about systems " – Travis Lee        

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