November 30

Finding balance and success as a mompreneur – in Just 7 Minutes with Bethany Meadows

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Just being passionate about something does not translate into being a good business owner.
  • Watch out for Charlatan Marketers who promise big results, charge you a bunch of money, and don't really deliver you anything of value
  • Avoid copying your competition because how do you know they know what they are doing?


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Bethany Meadows has been a mompreneur for almost 20 years and understands firsthand about the “juggle” of running a business and raising a family. In 2008, after going through a divorce and wanting to continue homeschooling her five children, starting her own business seemed like the answer. Using her previous experience as a corporate marketing executive, Bethany founded Vertical Solutions Media, a full-service brand and marketing agency that helps businesses grow and succeed.

Her most recent book The Juggle is REAL! Finding success and balance as a mompreneur gives the reader the benefit of 30 years of brand and marketing experience to help them grow their business. At the same time, she explores how to strike the right balance, remove friction, build a tribe and find parenting success. As part of that mission, Bethany launched www.TimeToThrive.Zone as a way of helping small business owners level up their sales and marketing skills.

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“Fear missing the opportunity more than you fear the failure" – Aaron Walker 

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