April 26

Engineered Marketing: The 3 Essential Systems – How to Get Leads and Sales from Any, and Every Traffic Platform While Freeing Up Your Time – in Just 7 Minutes with Chris Goegan

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Advantage of using a client acquisition system
  • The importance of 'growth'
  • Applying a 'practical-tactical implementation'


Related Links and Resources:

He is giving a special report on his website called "Engineered Marketing: The 3 Essential Systems". You just have to go to www.chrisgoegan.com/3-systems-guide/


Chris Goegan has spent a decade as an engineer building high volume manufacturing systems, a decade in the trenches doing sales, and 15+ years in marketing. He’s personally worked with hundreds of business owners in 100+ industries, worked with thought leaders like Michael Gerber (author of The E-Myth), industry leaders and the smallest of the small.

He is the creator of Engineered Marketing, a simple and pragmatic system designed to get leads and sales off of any, and every traffic platform.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

He ideally works with entrepreneurs or business owners inspiring to get around 5 million and above revenue but doesn't have the lead flow, a plan, and confidence to get it. Chris builds a client acquisition system that can generate leads or sales and gives you free time. He knows that life gets hard and it can be frustrating when you are not making any progress. The challenge is when there's "no growth" or "growth where everything depends upon you". And addressing these problems by themselves, Chris says they go into 'crazy mode'; they conduct their research, hire people or buy courses. Sadly, by the end of the day, it may not work the way they hope it will work. Chris loves applying systems; and he likes to help people build great businesses.

Chris’ Valuable Free Action (VFA): Chris says that most people think that having more revenue is the solution; so, they need more sales, more leads, and need more traffic. He says to STOP and take inventory for a moment and ask yourself if you will keep doing what you are doing, will your business get where you wanted it to go? Like it's an 'inventory exercise.'


For me, there is nothing more frustrating than lack of growth" – Chris Goegan 

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