November 16

Driving Growth through Innovation – Brock Berry

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, host Bill Prater interviews Brock Berry, an accomplished senior executive and entrepreneur with extensive experience in marketing, advertising, and technology. Brock Berry co-founded AdCellerant, a leading digital advertising and technology company that provides marketing solutions to small businesses.

During the interview, Brock explains that AdCellerant's primary objective is to level the playing field between large companies like Walmart and Amazon and small businesses. They aim to do this by making "Madison Avenue Level" marketing solutions accessible to main street businesses. AdCellerant achieves this by partnering with media companies such as radio stations, TV stations, and newspapers. These media companies then offer AdCellerant's platform,, to their local business owners. Through this platform, small business owners can access marketing plans that are tailored to their specific needs and effectively process orders seamlessly.

The core problem that AdCellerant solves for small business owners is the complexity of running advertising campaigns on various platforms. Many small business owners lack the expertise and resources to effectively manage Google campaigns, Facebook campaigns, and other online advertising efforts. AdCellerant takes the complexity out of the equation by providing professional services and ensuring a good return on investment for small business owners.

In addition to helping small businesses, AdCellerant also benefits media companies. As more audiences move online, media companies need to offer comprehensive marketing solutions to their small business customers. By partnering with AdCellerant, media companies can expand their product offerings beyond traditional TV spots and website advertising. They can include paid search, paid social, organic web development, and programmatic advertising. This allows media companies to capture a larger share of their advertisers' marketing budgets and stay competitive in the digital landscape.

Overall, AdCellerant's platform,, provides a turnkey solution for paid media online. It bridges the gap between small business owners and "Madison Avenue Level" marketing solutions, benefiting both small businesses and media companies in the process.

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