August 8

Clone of Power Up Your People – Dr. Janet L. Walsh




What you need to know about our guest:

Dr. Janet L. Walsh is the CEO and President of Birchtree Global. In 1999 she founded Birchtree Global and brought her skills as HRVP and Global HR Director growing billion-dollar multinationals to small and medium sized companies giving them a world-class competitive advantage. She’s worked in 81 countries and all 50 US states creating top and bottom-line HR infrastructure and programs for small and medium sized growing businesses.

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The Question Dr. Janet Enjoys Explaining:

"What do you need to do with your public press or public presence to attract and retain really top talent?"


One of the things that occurs to me is that small and medium sized companies really should think about increasing the performance of their human capital. So if company leaders should have an HR strategic plan, it should show a clear line of sight between the company strategy and the corporate metrics and their HR operations.

You've got to have the experience and the expertise to deliver the product or the service to the customer. You want the customer to be satisfied. Do you have the right people doing that? Are you investing in the people that have the skills that you need to do that?

Three areas that human capital contributes to top line costs, bottom line-top line performance, bottom line costs and risk reduction.

“I think linking your HR strategic plan with your business strategy is a critical component and pays for itself financially when you do it right." – Dr. Janet L. Walsh 

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